Bahama shutters are one of the best choices for hurricane storm protection and good looks for homes and businesses in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, and throughout Florida. West Shore Construction specializes in Colonial and Bahama shutters for both protection and beauty, because we believe homeowners and commercial business owners benefit the most from their use.

Bahama Shutters and Colonial Shutters: Providing Style and Hurricane Protection

west shore construction bahama Shutters

One of the problems most hurricane storm protection windows present is that they do not compliment the architecture and look of the building. When you look at a building with roll-up, accordion, or even attachment points for temporary hurricane protection, they stick out, appear as an afterthought, and are not at all incorporated into the original design.

Colonial and Bahama shutters are traditional styles that have been used on buildings for hundreds of years. Originally, they were to increase window protection and security. Today, in addition to protection, they are desirable design elements that architects and building designers include in their designs for aesthetic reasons. That’s why they are the shutter of choice for homes, companies, and businesses in Sarasota, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and coastal cities all over Florida, especially for hurricane storm protection.

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Bahama Shutters: Uniting Style and Function

Bahama shutters are a design staple in tropical climates for high-end homes. They are a perfect blend of both form and function. Their design is beautiful while at the same time, they cover the window in such a way that they provide safety from the sun during the hottest summer days. At the same time, they provide privacy while allowing occupants to see outside.

Choose West Short Construction for Bahama Shutters and Colonial Shutter Hurricane Storm Protection

During storms, or when hurricanes are approaching, you can lower or close our Bahama shutters or Colonial shutters to provide additional hurricane storm protection for your window openings. Our company storm products are Florida Building Code approved. Traditionally, Colonial shutters, Bermuda shutters or Bahama shades were made from wood. Wood lacks the necessary strength and durability to withstand time and Florida weather. At West Shore Construction, our Florida manufactured  Bahama shutters and Colonials shutters are built with extruded aluminum with welded corners. This way, the entire unit acts as a single, strong frame. All frame mitered joints are honed and the frame is powder-coated. The end result is a durable, long-lasting shutter that looks like the best wood. For openings that are not appropriate for shutters we offer hurricane fabric for doors and porches this provides all your home openings with complete storm and hurricane protection.

Hurricane Fabric

Some opening on your home will not accommodate Bermuda or Colonial storm shutters. A simple and extremely effect form of protection for those areas is the use of hurricane fabric. This opening protection not only meets but exceeds requirements of Florida building codes for category 5 hurricanes and the fabric panels are easy to install in most applications when storms approach Tampa Bay , Clearwater and St Petersburg. Hurricane Fabric panels are custom made for each opening and attachment points and fasteners are professionally installed just like the shutters so they meet the building code wind requirements for your area.