Hurricane season only lasts so long, so is installing hurricane shutters really worth it? The answer is yes! Storm shutters will protect your home in style and offer many year-round benefits, so you aren’t just making an investment that only serves you a few months.

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1.  Hurricane Shutters Provide Light Control

Living in St. Petersburg, Florida, we fully understand why they call us the sunshine state. If you’re out on a hot day, getting into a shady space can feel like a saving grace. Hurricane shutters allow for light control within your home, so you won’t have to run your AC as low. Not to mention you can adjust how far you want to open your shutters, so on days you want to allow light in fully, you can.

2. Security

When you invest in aluminum storm shutters shutters, they provide your home with security. We install shutters permanently, so they’re bolted onto your windows. An unwanted guest would definitely have a hard time breaking through extruded aluminum bolted onto your windows. So you have peace of mind that your windows are secure, and your family and belongings remain safe.

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3. They Provide Improved Aesthetics

There are many shutter options to choose from, but the most popular options are the Bahama Shutters and Colonial Shutters. Bahama shutters open upwards and influence an island look. Colonial shutters open to the sides and give a classic southern feel to your home. Whatever option you choose, the shutters will enhance the exterior of your home and catch people’s eyes.

4. With Hurricane Shutters You End Up Saving Money

By running your AC less, you’re saving money. But you can also end up paying less for homeowners’ insurance. In St. Pete, homes are damaged frequently from storms, so if your insurance company knows you’re taking preventative measures, you could end up paying less.

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5. Privacy

When you completely close your shutters, you can’t see through them. So if you feel your curtains aren’t efficient privacy, you can close your shutters and entirely block out any view possible into your home through the window.

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