Summer is a time for fun and enjoyment, but it also marks the beginning of hurricane season. Prepare your Sarasota home with impact windows and take the worry out of storm season. The added protection of hurricane windows makes it easy to focus on the more important things, like the safety of your family. There’s no use anymore to panic at the news of the storm. Impact windows are a permanent solution to prevent damages during a hurricane.

The Dangers of Severe Storms in Sarasota

Hurricane season is different every year. Sometimes, Sarasota gets by with minimal harm, but other years the town faces power outages, property harm, and floods. With the unpredictable nature of cyclones, it is vital that you ready yourself for the storm and the damage it might deliver with a solution like hurricane windows.

A cyclone does not become a hurricane until it gains wind speeds of 74mph. From this point on, a meteorologist ranks the storm between 1 and 5 depending on sustained wind speeds. A category five hurricane clocks in with wind speeds of 157 mph or higher. With air currents this strong, anything you don’t tie down outside becomes a weapon. Patio furniture, tree branches, and debris are often caught up in these currents and find their way through the windows of homes that have not boarded up. Once the glass breaks, the living space is vulnerable to harsh rain, powerful currents, and whatever the storm picks up from outside.

Luckily, many safety tools have been developed to keep Sarasota residents safe. Impact windows are an excellent way to prepare your home for disaster while minimizing labor and time spent getting ready. After initial installation, your panes function as any standard aperture. However, once the tides turn, hurricane windows become the shield standing between you and the raging weather.

Take the Worry Away with Impact Windows

Impact windows are different from standard glass. West Shore Construction crafts Impact windows from glass that is bonded to an impact-resistant membrane to increase strength. While they are designed to break upon collision, the membrane keeps the glass from pulling away from the frame. With regular glass, shards would shatter on collision and wind up inside your living space, creating a dangerous environment from both the glass shards and an open area that lets the outdoor elements in.

At West Shore Construction, we only provide the best for our clients. The impact windows we install, go through a rigorous test that ensures they meet both the Florida State Building Code and the Miami Dade Building Code. We also pay close attention to local building codes and wind zones in Sarasota to ensure a secure and proper fit. Hurricane windows are meant to protect you, and we take every step to ensure they do their job.

Hurricane Windows are Beneficial Year-Round

Impact windows intend to protect you against strong winds and projectiles. However, they have a number of benefits that prove useful year-round. For example, many insurance companies lower payments after the installation of hurricane windows. Also, newly installed frames fit snugly in old cutouts, reducing drafts and cutting energy costs. For those in Sarasota worried about the cost of weather-proof panes, consider the offset from energy and insurance bills.

In regards to your comfort at home, these sturdy glass blocks UV rays, keeping the harmful effects of intense sunlight on the outside of your house. Finally, you might find your new glass keeps loud noises on the outside. The robust glass provides a soundproofing effect, great for residents of busy streets.

Choose the right hurricane protection product

There are a ton of options West Shore construction offers to protect your home. From shutter to screens, and even fabric. Each home has a unique situation that would require different products. So how do you know which to choose? We have aesthetic options for shutters as well as more durable options for hurricane protection. Accordion shutters specifically are great for windows with odd shapes. Bigger areas such as porches do well with hurricane screens or fabric. We also offer commercial and home services.

West Shore Construction

At West Shore Construction, we know how hard hurricanes can hit Sarasota. Without proper preparation, many people face severe damage to their houses and sometimes homelessness. Instead of waiting until the last minute to board up and risking your family’s comfort, weather-proof your home with impact windows. With West Shore construction, we get the job done right for a reasonable price.

If you do not want to stop at new hurricane windows, we offer other home improvement services like kitchen renovation and painting. You should take pride in your home, and West Shore Construction wants to help you make that happen in Sarasota. Visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182 to learn more about our services.