Painting your home’s exterior is a big project. Many homeowners and even landlords aren’t sure when to take on this job, says Cavalier Estates. Cracks and chipping paint may be obvious signs to look out for. But there are less-visible signs that indicate the need for a fresh coat of paint as well.

In this article, we’ll explore the signs and reasons you might need to paint your house or rental property exterior. Also, you’ll learn about the factors that make or break the durability of your exterior paint.

How often should you paint your house exterior?

There is no single answer here. You should consider the following points to determine the need for painting your home’s exterior.

  • Last time of painting. According to experts, the rule of thumb is that exterior paint lasts anywhere between 7 to 10 years. This is something to factor in when deciding on how often to paint the exterior.
  • Local climate. Do you experience temperature and moisture extremes in your area? This could mean that you need to reapply paint more often because the harsh weather takes a toll on the paint.
  • Type of wood. Keep in mind that softwoods are more easily damaged compared to hardwoods. While hardwoods come at a higher initial cost, these types of wood need less maintenance in the long run. Also, hardwood resists rot more effectively.
  • Shade and directions. UV light breaks down exterior shades. The sides of your house most exposed to sunlight are usually the first ones to need extra paint. Consider the effects of shade-giving trees as well.

What are the signs that you should paint the exterior?

Let’s look at some of the signs that clearly indicate you should start thinking about an exterior paint job.

  • Fading color
  • Cracking, flaking, or peeling paint
  • More than 10 years since the last painting
  • Exterior looks chalky

Additionally, there are other reasons why you might want to consider an exterior painting project. For example, it’s a good idea when you are replacing a wood board or patching stucco. Plus, any plans to increase your property’s curb appeal definitely call for a fresh coat of paint.

What makes an exterior paint job durable?

You may wonder what are the factors that determine the exterior paint’s durability. The most durable option is 100% acrylic paint. This type of paint is especially resistant to fading.

Note that lighter shades of paint last longer than darker ones. The quality of your paint plays an important role too. Opting for a high-quality paint instead of the inferior products has more durable results.

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of coats. A single coat of paint is always going to last less compared to two or three coats. That’s why it’s a good idea to go the extra mile and have at least two coats of paint on your home’s exterior.

Climate also affects the durability of the exterior paint. Here are some of the climate characteristics and weather conditions that contribute to damage and fade:

  • Harsh winters with freezing temperatures and frequent snowfall
  • Winds regularly blowing sand against the home’s exterior
  • Ocean breezes that affect the paint and draw salt on the surfaces
  • Frequent rainstorms and hurricanes hitting your home area
  • Hot summers and strong sunshine in an unsheltered setting

Maintenance is another factor predicting your exterior paint’s durability. Taking care to follow a rigorous maintenance schedule is a way you are able to extend its lifetime.

There are many factors you can control just by conducting proper maintenance. For example, ensure that you deal with any pest invasions, mold issues, and rot as soon as possible. Keep excess moisture out by using sealing and caulking techniques as needed.

In a nutshell: painting your house exterior

Are you wondering whether it’s time to paint your home’s exterior? This is an important decision because your house’s exterior plays an important role in creating curb appeal.

You should definitely paint the exterior when more than 10 years have passed from the last paint job. Fading colors and cracking or peeling paint give plenty of reason to get the house painted, too.

There are three main factors affecting the durability of your home’s exterior paint. Climate, maintenance, and the chosen approach of the paint job (such as materials and number of coats) all contribute to its durability.