The Best Low VOC Paint and No VOC Paint Solutions

Low VOC Paint

At West Shore Construction we provide our customers with a variety of options when it comes to the type of paint they would like to use. In addition to traditional Tampa painting methods that we use, customers can also choose a low VOC paint or no VOC paint, which is also called a zero VOC paint. Both of these types of paint have numerous benefits over traditional paint, ranging from health to environmental factors. We carry these paints because of these benefits as well as the high demand they have been receiving by customers.

What Does VOC Mean?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are organic chemical compounds that can have significant negative effects on human health and the environment. Traditional Tampa painting uses man-made paint, and therefore it releases harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) into the air. This is especially harmful for interior paint jobs, because it may have a greater direct effect on human health.

Harmful to Human Health

Being exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) can cause a variety of health issues that may include visual disorders, impairment of memory, nausea, fatigue, allergic reactions to the skin, headaches and central nervous system, liver and kidney damage. Anyone with chemical sensitivities or allergies of any type can greatly benefit from using a low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint because of the amount of reduced toxins these types of paint have.

Harmful to the Environment

On exterior paint jobs, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) maybe equally harmful because they can negatively affect the environment in numerous ways. Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are released into the air and further deplete the ozone layer. In some cases volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) can contaminate groundwater and landfills by seeping in them and causing unnecessary pollution. Even after the application of a traditional Tampa painting method to the exterior of a home, office building or any other type of exterior surface, it continues to emit harmful toxins into the air for many years.

No VOC Paint

Why Use a Low VOC Paint or No VOC Paint?

In addition to the reduction of harm that low VOC paint and no VOC paint has on human health and the environment, these types of paint also have a range of other benefits to traditional Tampa painting methods. They are extremely durable when applied to a surface and can hide flaws that were present on past paint coats. It is easy to apply these types of paint to most surfaces because they provide excellent coverage. Low & no VOC paint is also very easy to clean, which further embellishes upon the superior benefits they have. Another benefit these types of paint have is the low amount of odor they give off. When applied, they give off a very low amount of odor, and cease to give off any odor when they are cured. The paints’ disposal is much more environmentally friendly because less hazardous waste is contained in them. While low and no VOC paint have superior benefits over traditional paints, they still contain a small amount of toxins, but are still a much better option. When choosing between a Tampa painting job that uses low or no volatile organic compounds and a traditional paint, consider these factors. The amount of exposure that you will have to the paint will play an integral role in the type of paint you choose. The effect traditional Tampa painting methods have on the environment may also sway your decision. Whatever your choice may be, we offer a full line of traditional and low or no volatile organic compound paints to best suit your needs.

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