Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling Tailored to Your Ideas

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel | West Shore Construction

When it comes to remodeling your Clearwater or St Petersburg home, remodeling design ideas from which you can choose. Two of the most important and popular options are kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

These two areas of your house should be customized in accordance with your personality and desired style. A proper remodeling job will save you time and money, which is why West Shore Construction strives to offer the best kitchen remodeling design service and best bathroom remodeling design services in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater Florida.

We pride ourselves on high-quality custom kitchen cabinet craftsmanship and designer services. We provide a path to high-quality custom kitchen cabinets at prices that are the same stock cabinets.

Your kitchen needs to be a place that not only looks great but is also fully functional for your needs. Our kitchen remodeling design services will help transform your kitchen into a place of entertainment, beauty, and practical functionality. You should want to show off your kitchen as much as possible.

When entertaining, guests seem to always come together in the kitchen. If you are truly proud of your kitchen, you will want to entertain guests there more often.

Bathroom Remodeling | West Shore Construction

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

An Ideal bathroom remodeling design should exude practicality as well as a strong sense of ease and relaxation. The place where you most likely start and finish your day, your bathroom, has to be on par with your specific requirements as well.

At West Shore Construction, we ask and work to understand what is most important to you from a design standpoint so we can transform your bathroom remodeling project to meet your wants and needs. Our bath remodeling construction design services are certain to leave you satisfied with the job we have completed for you.

We work to meet the highest level of client satisfaction in every bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling design job we do. Overseeing our customer’s projects and satisfaction from the plan to the build-out to the final product is most important to us.

We serve Tampa, Florida as well as Clearwater, St Petersburg, Brandon, Palm Harbor, Largo, Seminole, and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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Kitchen Remodeling | West Shore Construction

Residential Kitchen Remodeling

Green building kitchen remodeling ideas. We have long been advocates of green residential kitchen remodeling and green building. In addition to offering Low VOC cabinet materials and zero VOC paints which help to keep the air quality of the interior of your home healthier, we offer a variety of energy-saving building materials and green building design solutions that fit perfectly into kitchen remodeling for Clearwater and St Petersburg Florida homeowners.

Solar hot water heaters will pay for themselves by lowering electric bills. Photovoltaic solar panels can lower or eliminate electric bills entirely. LED kitchen lighting technology now affords a way to have an attractive kitchen and bathroom lighting at a far lower cost than conventional lighting.

The LED lighting option can provide huge savings when applied to commercial remodeling in Tampa Bay Florida. The two rooms in your home or business that have the most potential for going green are the kitchen and the bathroom. So when remodeling uses a kitchen remodeling design and a bathroom remodeling design that incorporates the use of green materials in custom cabinets, water-saving fixtures, and energy efficient appliances as well as led lighting in the kitchen and bathroom.

When you combine new custom cabinets with a green approach it will add substantial value to your Clearwater or St Petersburg home or office.

There are also a wide variety of solar lighting applications that eliminate the need for anything but Florida sunlight to power them. The use of windows with insulated glass, Low-E glass, and other window glazing options can allow homes to repel unwanted heat gain or harvest the solar energy during certain times of the year when it is desirable to use the Florida sun to warm the home passively.

This can also be accomplished with Bahama shutters. Green residential kitchen remodeling in Tampa Bay can be incorporated into the walls and roof of your home through the use of environmentally friendly insulation and insulated building materials. By applying these green remodeling approaches you will save money and move toward having an energy sustainable home.

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