Automated hurricane protection in Florida cities like Clearwater and St. Pete is essential for most homeowners, especially those who only live in the sunshine state part of the year. But how do you decide which type of protection is right for you? And how do you know who to trust with installation?

At West Shore Construction, we make it easy by listening to your needs, accessing your budget, providing recommendations on the highest quality products, and installing your hurricane protection with a superior level of care and attention to detail. Established here in the Tampa Bay area in 1985 by Chuck Nelms, West Shore Construction specializes in serving residential and commercial clients throughout Clearwater, Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarasota County, and Pasco County, Florida with the best automated hurricane protection available.

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so it’s essential to protect it from the inclement weather that notoriously, and unpredictably, strikes Florida from June all the way through November. While areas like Clearwater, St. Pete, Bellaire Beach, Redington Shores have been unscathed in recent years, there’s no saying when the next detrimental storm will strike or where.

Being prepared is a breeze once you install automated hurricane protection. In fact, it’s the ease of deployment and discrete appearance of retractable hurricane screens and rolling shutter systems that make these systems so appealing to homeowners. However, when it comes to hurricane protection, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So how do you know which solution is best suited for you?

When it comes to hurricane protection, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So, how do you know which solution is best suited for you? Click To Tweet

What’s the Best Hurricane Protection For Your Home

There are many factors to consider when arming your home against hurricane season. Please read our blog to find out the best hurricane protection for your home.

Below are five to consider:
The Best Hurricane Protection For My Home Guide | Westshore Construction

  • Level of Protection – Of course, you want the highest level of protection available when it comes to your home. However, sometimes budgets are restricting.
  • Cost – Hurricane protection can cost as little as $1 per square foot for plywood and as much as $200 per square foot for impact glass windows and doors. If your budget is somewhere in the middle and you can afford to pay between $40 and $60 a square foot, your options can include automated solutions.
  • Time & Ease of Deployment – While plywood requires a great deal of time and notice to deploy before a storm, and impact glass requires zero time or effort to deploy – automated solutions require a simple flip of a switch. Click here to read our blog about upgrading your home with roll down screens for lanais.
  • Appearance Bahama impact hurricane shutters and colonial impact hurricane shutters can enhance the appearance of your home. However, sometimes these solutions don’t compliment your home’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for a discrete solution, we recommend retractable hurricane screens or rolling shutters
  • Visibility – Visibility relates to whether your hurricane shutters allow light in and a view out in the event of a power failure. The material of the shutter or screen will dictate this visibility. Deciding the level of importance is up to the homeowner. This factor is the most significant difference between retractable hurricane screens and rolling shutters.

Below, we explain these two forms of automated hurricane protection in further detail.

Retractable Hurricane Screens

Automated Hurricane Protection | St Pete | Clearwater | West Shore Construction

Retractable hurricane screens operate on a motor, which means deployment is as easy as flipping a switch. The screens are designed to fit wherever protection is required, whether that be a door, window, or large veranda opening. The time and energy needed to deploy this system are minimal. This means you won’t need more than a moment’s notice of an impending storm to ensure your home is protected. These screens are so discrete and easy to deploy, you may even opt to utilize them to keep mosquitos out of your veranda if you’d like to enjoy a meal or game of cards outside at night.

The screen design allows light in and a view out if the power fails and isn’t visible unless deployed, making it an aesthetically pleasing and highly-functional solution. The cost of retractable hurricane screens ranges between $40 to $60 per square foot. This puts them on the higher end of the cost scale. While this may be more expensive than other solutions, the time, effort, level of protection, and potential insurance savings may make this form of automated hurricane protection a worthy investment for your home.

Motorized Rolling Shutters

Motorized rolling shutters utilize aluminum rather than polyester. Like retractable hurricane screens, rolling shutters are incredibly durable. They can be motorized for easy deployment, and are discrete when not deployed – preserving the aesthetic of your home’s facade. However, unlike hurricane screens,  motorized rolling shutters do block light from coming in and a view out if the power fails.

What many homeowners find appealing about motorized rolling shutters is their strength. Made from aluminum, these small but mighty systems are designed to stand up to the most destructive of threats. They’re even tested against large missile impact. Also, like retractable hurricane screens, rolling shutters may provide eligibility for a discount on your insurance policy. Cost-wise, rolling shutters range between $40 to $60 per square foot, making them a comparable option to retractable hurricane screens.

Now that you know a bit more about automated rolling shutters and retractable hurricane screens, it’s time to ask yourself – what type of automated hurricane protect is best for my Clearwater or St. Pete home?

It’s time to ask yourself – What type of automated hurricane protection is best for my home? Click To Tweet

If you’re located in Clearwater, St. Pete, Bellaire Beach, Redington Shores, we at West Shore Construction, would be happy to help you answer that question. West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor that provides homeowners with the attention to detail their homes need. When you need help improving the safety of your home, we’re the ones to help. We provide the best hurricane windows and installation available on the market. If you are interested, click here to read about impact windows vs. other hurricane proofing methods.  We even offer kitchen rehab services for all your remodeling needs.

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