Since the start of the great recession the average American has been looking at ways to pinch their pennies, and despite claims to the contrary the American people are still feeling the squeeze. Americans from Albuquerque to St Petersburg to Clearwater are squandering their hard earned weekends on DIY projects to save a few dollars, instead of leaving it to a professional painting company. Consider:

  • Decent paint costs on average $30 a can
  • Most rooms require two or more cans
  • Brushes, rollers, tape, trays, pins all need to be bought unless a paint sprayer is bought
  • Paint sprayers, while effective, can cost thousands of dollars
  • Hiring a professional can cost $3-$6 a square foot

Considering all the headaches involved with just painting one wall, not to mention the issue of storing or disposing leftover paint (spoiler: there’s always leftover paint) perhaps consider a professional painting company? Season can also play into cost, as there is less demand for painting in winter a customer could negotiate a better rate then as opposed to summer.

Professional painting companies are a safer solution

To most, the prospect of hiring a professional painting company seems outrageous, outlandish even when they could in theory they could paint it themselves cheaper with supplies from a local hardware store. In a bid to be penny wise pound foolish, people are putting themselves in harm’s way while trying to save a few bucks. Take the following into consideration:

  • Falls are the number one way homeowners unintentionally kill themselves every year
  • The CDC reports 30,000 unintentional fatalities by falling each year
  • OSHA has mandatory safety laws, regulations and gear professionals have to use by law

A cursory search of professional painting companies in Clearwater Florida will reveal a dozen professionals, licensed, skilled, experienced and with the appropriate safety gear so no one has to fall off any ladders to save thirty dollars.

Hey, wasn’t there a thing about popcorn ceilings?

Yes, besides being an ugly affront to modern decoration popcorn ceilings may be concealing a few unpleasant surprises, like asbestos. If the home was built before the 1980’s there is a chance the popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos, which if removed improperly may be breathed in by the occupants. If for no other reason it will increase the resale value of a home be it Clearwater or Kalamazoo. Put safety first and go with a professional painting company

More than just painting a wall

There are a lot of little things that add up when painting just one room. Things the big box stores won’t tell in flashy do-it-yourself advertisements:

  • Moving furniture and clearing the room
  • Covering the floors with a drop cloth
  • Protecting paint-free places from splashes and drops
  • Clean and smooth the drywall/ceilings
  • Standing on a ladder for hours at a time
  • Clean and remove any debris

Painting Company in Clearwater

In addition, most professional painting companies based in Clearwater or elsewhere will offer other services besides interior painting, such as exterior painting or trim work. There are painters for all price budgets, just google away and make sure to ask for proof of insurance and licenses, because any professional painting company should be, Clearwater or not. Finally, do not make your decision based on price alone. A cheap price for a paint job often indicates corners are being cut.

If you discover this in the middle of the job it is unlikely you will get the contractor to do the additional work for free. There will be a surprise up charge. It’s best to hire a solid company and pay a fair price to have the work done right the first time. Remember a well done professional paint job is the first thing both you and your guests see in your home.