The beautiful area of The Villages, Florida is unfortunately not exempt from hurricanes. For this reason, having quality, easy to operate hurricane shutters is key. West Shore Construction has been the area leader in home improvements for over 30 years providing attractive and effective hurricane protection solutions. Safeguarding your home and your belongings is one of your primary concerns as a homeowner, and to that end, it is also ours.

Our storm protection options are Florida Building Code approved and rigorously tested. They include:

Bahama and Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Both Bahama and Colonial shutters add curb appeal and value to your home. They offer both architectural and functional elements year-round. Either Bahama shutters or Colonial shutters would be an excellent choice when adding a multipurpose design element to your home. They are also exceptional protection choices for commercial establishments in The Villages.

Our operational storm shutters are made of extruded aluminum and welded. This assures that they are tough and resist corrosion, not only this but they are resilient. Resiliency in hurricane shutters means that when a projectile hits your shutter in the middle of a gale, the shutter acts like a trampoline deflecting damaging debris. The shutter maintains its integrity, likewise the glass in your windows, and so your home remains safe. They are powder-coated and available in a variety of colors to complement your home.

If you are a part-time resident of The Villages or travel for extended periods, Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters offer a practical and attractive layer of protection for your home. Close and lock your shutters when you leave and have peace of mind in the event of a squall while you are away.

Bahama Shutters

Originally from the Bahamas, as the name suggests, these shutters were created for the purpose of protecting homes from tropical storms. Bahama hurricane shutters give your home in The Villages a Caribbean island look and feel. They are attached to the top of your windows and are hinged down. Operable from outside or inside, deployment is simple, fast and may be done by one person.

Bahama shutters offer a unique element of privacy. They can be open, and you can see out but passers-by cannot see in. They offer light filtering, which in turn helps keep energy costs down.

Colonial Shutters

Taking you back to the days of the Colonial estates, this form of hurricane protection adds traditional, classic charm to your home. Durable as well as beautiful, colonial shutters are side-hinged and hung to either side of the window casing. Like Bahama shutters, Colonial shutters may be deployed easily and quickly by one person. When not in use as a storm barrier, your shutters offer light-filtering and heat reduction.

Colonial hurricane shutters can be constructed in different styles and fashions to suit your home in The Villages. They may also be made to accommodate arched openings.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion-style shutters may be the most common type of tropical storm protection seen in Florida. One of the greatest benefits of accordion hurricane shutters is that they can be customized to fit almost any opening, large or small, residential or commercial property in The Villages including:

  • Double doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Balconies
  • Porches
  • Storefronts

Shutters are mounted and stacked on either side of the opening with a track to glide on and are made from aluminum for durability and flexibility. Simple regular maintenance keeps your shutters operating at peak performance. Operate the shutters monthly to check for smooth operation. Look for debris or nests that build up between the accordion blades, and clean shutters with warm soapy water. Twice a year, spray shutters with a silicone lubricant. It’s that simple.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters for The Villages

Discrete, attractive, and multipurpose are some of the benefits of motorized hurricane screens. Most important is the extraordinary tropical storm protection these screens offer for outdoor living spaces such as lanais, porches, and balconies. Made from patented material designed so that objects and debris thrown at your home during a gale bounce off as if hitting a springboard. It is hard to imagine that something so attractive could offer protection that rivals aluminum hurricane shutters.

A simple press of a button lowers screens to your desired length as well as retracting them out of sight. Motorized hurricane screens can be linked to your smart home system for scheduled lowering, not to mention automatic lowering in the event of an unexpected tempest while you are away from home. Homeowners in The Villages also use their hurricane screens year-round and on a regular basis for shade and for protection from Florida insects such as mosquitos.

Motorized Screens for Lanais

The Florida life includes outdoor living and entertaining. Motorized hurricane shutter screens do not detract from the appeal of your lanai. Screens retract and lower discretely with the push of a button. Style, beauty, and sophistication are characteristics of these screens which also provide unparalleled protection.

Motorized Screens for Shade

As all residents of The Villages know, the sun can be not only blazing hot but blinding in its brightness. Powered screens remotely adjust to exactly the right height to block the glare of the sun. They provide shade while allowing you to still enjoy the outdoor view. Our motorized screens allow for airflow and filtered light penetration.

Motorized Screens for Insects

Do not let Florida mosquitos or other insects interfere with your enjoyment of being outdoors at night. When bugs start to infringe on your good time, retractable screens are easily and quickly lowered. You entertain from day on into the night with ease and style.

West Shore Construction – Hurricane Shutters and More

In conclusion, hurricane shutters for your home in The Villages may come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Additionally, they

  • afford protection from storms and potential burglars
  • offer energy savings
  • provide homeowner’s insurance benefits
  • improve your property values
  • are a plus when considering resale

West Shore Construction is here to help you make the decision that is best for your home and your needs. When you are ready to consider adding, changing, or upgrading your hurricane shutters, contact us at (727) 488-8182 to arrange your free estimate or you may message us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Moreover, we have a variety of professional home improvement services for our customers in The Villages such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, interior and exterior painting, and customized concierge home maintenance. Please visit our website to view the many ways our experts can help you create the home of your dreams.