Businesses in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete region of Florida are aware of the need for commercial hurricane protection. On account of this, and for close to 40 years, West Shore Construction has provided our business customers with storm protection. Particularly, hurricane fabric, hurricane windows, and hurricane shutters.

Owning a business is a large investment. Safeguarding your investment, not to mention your livelihood, is a priority. Federal Emergency Management Associate reports that 80% of a building’s value is in its equipment and inventory, as well as other contents. Tropical storms bring the possibility of damage from water, wind, and flying objects. Unfortunately, after experiencing harm from a natural disaster, 40% of affected small businesses do not reopen. The good news is that installing commercial hurricane protection will defend your livelihood. Not only this, but it will increase the probability of you reopening your business after a tropical storm.

Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are a popular storm protection option for businesses whether you are in Clearwater, St. Pete, or Tampa. As a result of being manufactured to defend against powerful winds, no deployment is necessary. Hence, there is less worry and hassle in advance of a hurricane.

In the same way as auto glass, hurricane window glass shatters upon impact. Additionally, it does not separate from the window frame. This commercial hurricane protection prevents wind, water, and projectiles from entering your building.

The windows installed by West Shore Construction meet the Florida State Building Code as well as the Miami Dade Building Code. As a result, we offer the best protection for businesses in Tampa Bay, including Clearwater and St. Pete. Further, we ensure compliance with your region’s wind zone regulations.

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 Shutters For Commercial Hurricane Protection

Hurricane shutters are another form of commercial hurricane protection to consider for your business. West Shore Construction offers a few styles to consider.

  • Decorative hurricane shutters
    • Bahama shutters
    • Colonial shutters
  • Motorized rolling shutters

Decorative hurricane shutters

Bahama and Colonial shutters are decorative hurricane shutters. They offer safety and practicality, not to mention visual appeal. Bahama shutters have a tropical flair, whereas Colonial shutters have a classic design. These shutters are not only eye-catching but also functional. Additionally, they are easily deployed in advance of a tropical storm.

Unlike other types of shutters, they do not need extensive upkeep. Manufactured from durable extruded aluminum, they do not rust or pit. So, decorative hurricane shutters are suitable for the tropical St. Pete, Tampa, Clearwater weather.

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Rolling hurricane shutters for commercial storm protection

Motorized rolling hurricane shutters are a simple choice for protecting your commercial property. This is not only from tropical storm damage but also from looters.

 Hurricane Fabric for Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete

You may be wondering how effective fabric can be for commercial hurricane protection (click the link for a testing video). The truth is it is very successful in shielding your business from harm since it is resilient and extremely resistant.

West Shore Construction partners with an industry leader, offering a resin-coated fabric that surpasses other brands in strength and adaptability. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial hurricane protection for buildings in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete.

Hurricane fabric not only withstands but also deters the most torrential winds from entering a building. This resistant material is also capable of resisting the impact of rapidly flying heavy objects. Resilient, it absorbs blunt force, leaving the fabric unmarked, and intact. The performance of this fabric makes it one of the best solutions for commercial hurricane protection.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabric is lightweight. This makes it simple to deploy and then easy to take down. It is easy to fold and store safe and away when not in use.

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West Shore Construction Offers Superior Storm Protection for Commercial Buildings

Your commercial building and business deserve protection against damaging tropical storms. Indeed, having the right safety precautions in place is paramount. Our trained experts will help you choose the best commercial hurricane protection, whether in Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater.

We will ensure that you are prepared well in advance of a storm. In the event that you are ready to discuss commercial hurricane protection, contact our team of experts or call us at (727) 488-8182. We are happy to respond to any inquiries. West Shore Construction is proud to help with protection options for our business customers in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Tampa areas.

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