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What is better – clear corrugated polycarbonate panels or corrugated metal panels?

What is better – clear corrugated polycarbonate panels or corrugated metal panels?</span></span> Both aspiring and current property owners need to pay attention to one important part of the roof which is, the roofing panels. They are installed for various reasons. Different types of roofing sheets shield the actual roof from external elements. When installed properly, [...]

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Exploring the Superiority of Magnatrack Screens Over Keeter or Zipper System Screens

When it comes to choosing screens for your windows or outdoor spaces, the market offers a variety of options. Among these, Magnatrack screens stand out for their innovative design and functionality. Magnatrack's patented magnetic track system ensures a seamless and silent operation that sets it apart from traditional screens. Their ability to integrate seamlessly with [...]

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Do I Need to Cover All My Windows and Doors When Getting Hurricane Protection?

Hurricanes are powerful natural disasters that can cause significant damage to homes and properties, especially in coastal regions. When preparing for hurricane season or facing an imminent storm threat, one of the common questions that homeowners often ask is whether they need to cover all their windows and doors with hurricane protection measures. In this [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are an essential component of any home or building in areas prone to high winds and severe weather. These shutters provide protection from flying debris and high winds, keeping your home and family safe during a storm. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of hurricane shutters, their benefits, and how [...]

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Building A Shed: The Essential D.I.Y Guide

You can build a shed on your property for so many different reasons. Oftentimes people need extra storage, but you could also turn it into a workout room, a garden shed, a craft shed, or even a backyard studio.  Building a shed on your property sounds a lot simpler than the reality, so we've put [...]

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Prepare for Home Renovation with These Insightful Tips

Home renovations can make your home more convenient, safer, and environmentally friendly. However, remodeling projects have several moving parts, and inexperienced homeowners may encounter obstacles. Doing a little research beforehand can help you avoid expensive mistakes. Before you hire a contractor, West Shore Construction Corp. outlines everything you should know about home improvement. You Can [...]

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Tips For Functional Living During A Renovation 

Home renovations and remodels can be very stressful time for homeowners. Not having access to kitchens and bathrooms is incredibly stressful if you don't make the proper preparations. Renovating your home doesn't have to get you in a tizzy, though. We've put together a few great tips for a low-stress remodeling process, so you and [...]

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The Cons of Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to your bathroom and even your kitchen, you want a space that feels like an oasis and functions well for your needs considering it's an area you use every single day. Maybe your current washroom is outdated or tired looking, and its layout has served out its usefulness. Making a change and [...]

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Exploring Rustic Home Building Styles 

Rustic home building has gained popularity in recent years, and we completely understand why. This rural design takes natural elements and brings them inside to create something aged and timeless. If you're interested in rustic home building but don't know what it is or where you want to start, you're in the right place. Below [...]

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7 Ways To Create A Green Home Without Remodeling

As the concern for our environment has grown within society, so has the interest in a sustainable home and a more sustainable lifestyle. Green homes, or as we like to call them, "healthy homes," offer incredible benefits for the environment, your health, and utility bills. Whether you're looking to start from scratch, upgrade, or even [...]

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