Dock Sentry Marine Bumpers and Dock Bumpers

Looking for the best dock bumper, dock fender, or marine bumper? Our patent-pending dock bumper was designed to fit all docks and to wrap seamlessly around your dock to give your boat maximum protection at all times. Built with the same high-quality materials as our boat fenders, boat bumpers, and marine fenders.

These dock bumpers are made of 32 ounces of PVC-coated polyester. Specifically designed with lightweight PVC that is extremely tough, puncture-resistant, and has impressive tear strength built into the layers. All our seams are heat welded making them extremely durable and long-lasting. They are enclosed with high density, closed-cell, recycled polyethylene foam that withstands repeated pounding without breaking down and they have stainless steel grommets positioned to attach to any surface for your boat’s ultimate protection.

Note: All orders are custom-made. Orders are typically shipped within 3 to 5 business days unless otherwise specified by Impact.

Dock Bumpers

Our American-made products are designed with the most innovative materials of the highest quality.

Blue Dock Bumpers

Custom Dock Bumper Orders

Need the perfect custom bumper to protect your dock? We welcome custom orders of any size and color and look forward to helping. Please contact us below with your dimensions and color choice.

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