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An excellent way to improve the value of your home is by working with our bathroom remodeling and redesign company in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Florida. It is also an excellent way to improve that area of your space where you spend time every day.

Does your bathroom need a simple update to make it look more contemporary? Or do you want to create a luxurious spa space and getaway retreat in your home? West Shore Construction can help make your bathroom redesign vision come true today. The process starts with a thoughtful look at your design objectives. You may want to keep everything within the existing walls and boundaries of your current layout and simply update the fixtures, cabinets, and wall and floor surfaces. Even these simple changes can make a remarkable difference in the look and feel of your bathroom.

Some straightforward amendments could not only bring your bathroom in line with current trends but also make you feel remarkably better every day. Some ideas include:

  • Durable paint in the latest shades and hues
  • Energy-efficient toilets
  • Wood looks for tile flooring
  • Bold fixtures and bold metals
  • New soaking, resource-efficient tubs


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While the simple approach to bathroom remodeling keeps the construction budget down, you can also choose a more lavish redesign route. You may want to expand your space by moving walls and bringing in light through new skylights or windows. You can make plans for connecting the bathroom to the kitchen. Or, by raising the ceiling, you can create a truly dramatic effect that makes the room feel larger than before. West Shore Construction is experienced and capable of home improvement services that meet your needs in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Florida.bathroom remodeling

West Shore Construction, an Experienced Remodeling Contractor

Our experienced team is ready to advise on bathroom redesigns as well as building and decorative materials such as stone and tile. Staying up with the newest materials, technology, and regulations allows us to make the best recommendations for your home, property, and style. We can also suggest the best bathroom remodeling construction approach based on your house and financial guidelines.

Drawing on over four decades of experience, we will help guide you in selecting fixtures and other material choices to ensure we achieve your design dreams and keep the project within the budget you have set. In this industry, style and design choices are vast. We know the best sources give you a look you want at the highest quality and best price. Maybe the most important thing we bring to the bathroom remodeling projects for Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Florida homeowners is our ability to listen to you and understand what you want. Not only do we have industry knowledge, but we also work with the best tradespersons in the industry. We have you covered, from plumbers to tile setters to electricians to interior designers.

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Bathroom Remodeling for Every Budget

Most homeowners want their bathroom remodeling project to be a sound financial choice. Redesigning any room is a great way to increase the value of your home. Again, we will listen carefully to understand your goals for your renovation. Perhaps you are making this home improvement with the objective of selling your home quickly and for the most money. Maybe your plan is a long-term investment where the materials and design should remain classic until the day when you are ready to sell your home.

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling for homeowners in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, we want you to know that we care about you, your family, and your home. We want the projects that we complete for you to be something you are proud to show off. We also want to look back years from now and know that we made a difference in your home. Having you join our list of satisfied customers is our aim. When West Shore Construction redesigns any home, we want it to be a pleasant experience for you.

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