Dock Sentry Piling Pads

Our innovative Piling Pad is used to protect your boat from dock pilings and virtually any other obstruction your boat faces. This pad comes in three convenient sizes, and is available in all ten of Dock Sentry’s premium colors. Top-quality materials and hand craftsmanship ensure the highest in impact and scuff protection.

The outer is UV-resistant, 32-ounce, PVC-coated polyester. Test after test, Impact outers don’t scratch gel coats or transfer color. A super dense, recycled, closed-cell polyethylene foam interior takes the impact between the boat and the piling. This is also where the magic happens! The foam absorbs and disperses contact (or impact) pressure across the surface area of the Pad, instead of transferring pressure outward. The result? Less boat movement while docked.

With permanent and moveable options, installation is a breeze. Use the included stainless steel bolt head screws to attach the Pad directly to the piling. Or install with the quick-adjust straps to allow for easy up/down accommodation of ebb and flow tides.

Impact Piling Pads are available in three sizes (height by width by thickness):

  • Small (2 feet by 8 inches by 1 inch)
  • Medium (4 feet by 8 inches by 1 inch)
  • Large (4 feet by 8 inches by 3 inches)
Red Pilings Pads

Note: Size should correspond to the size of the boat, rather than the size of the piling. In addition to added thickness, the large Piling Pad has additional wraparound “wings” to ensure full protection for larger boats.

Durable, puncture and tear-resistant, these Piling Pads will perform well for years to come.

Pilings Pads

Why Impact Fenders?

As opposed to inflatable boat fenders or traditional round boat fenders, our flat boat fenders are enclosed with high density, closed cell recycled polyethylene foam. That means that our fenders can withstand repeated pounding without breaking down so that our boat fenders are durable and long lasting for an exceptional value.

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