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An innovator in the world of decking, Trex is a leading manufacturer of composite decking boards. Unique processes combined with a variety of styles makes Trex decking a great choice for a stylish deck or dock that is built to last.

Trex’s capped composite decking features an extra layer of protection. While the inside of the decking board is similar to more traditional composite boards of the past, the “cap”, or outer shell, is tougher and works as an effective protectant against rot and mildew. This outer shell also allows for stylistic touches like more realistic wood grain and a variety of colors.

Trex Composite Products

Trex Composite Products

  • Will not splinter
  • Resist fading and staining
  • Fight off mold and mildew
  • Warp-resistant
  • Are low-maintenance
  • Are long-lasting
  • Are backed by a 25-year limited residential warranty

When you invest in high-quality Trex composite decking, you’re ensuring your deck or dock will look great for years to come. Aside from the occasional soap and water cleaning, Trex decking does not require the same level of maintenance as a wood deck, saving you time and money in the future.

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How is Trex Made?

In 1996, Trex created a new wood-thermoplastic composite deck boards. The patented process for creating these composite boards uses wood and plastic waste products combined with a binding agent.

These gorgeous boards for decks, docks, and other outdoor projects actually keep 400 million pounds of waste from landfills annually. In fact, Trex uses over 140,000 plastic shopping bags in just one 500 sq. ft. of decking, making Trex one of the nation’s largest plastic film recyclers.

Trex boards may mimic wood, but  they also have their own unique style and beauty.

Also, Trex composite decking boards don’t rot or fade. When properly installed and maintained, Trex decking lasts longer than traditional wood decking.

How Trex is Made