When living within the sunshine state residents quickly come to know that Florida weather can be volatile, aggressive, and sometimes even destructive. Thankfully Westshore Construction is here to help with durable motorized rolling shutters and motorized hurricane screens for the further protection of all homes in the Bellaire Beach district.

Since the 1980’s we’ve ranked as the top contractor in the Tampa Bay area, setting the standard in the Hurricane Protection Industry along the Florida coast.

Among our team are highly trained as well as skilled professionals that provide streamlined craftsmanship and stellar customer service relations. Additionally, we’re here to listen to your needs, your budget and offer quality solutions without breaking the bank.

At Westshore Construction the customer is first and our installations are stress-free with attention to detail and smooth transitions for all our clients.

What Are Motorized Rolling Shutters?

Our motorized rolling shutters are just that, shutters, but durable and automatic. The material used is aluminum instead of the weaker polyester fabric that most utilize. By implementing this material you’re combining the streamlined esthetic of regular shutters with the strength and solidity of lightweight metal.

Furthermore, our product type provides ease of deployment and a discrete appearance to preserve the esthetic of your home.

Why Do You Need Motorized Rolling Shutters?

The home, whether it be to a family or a single individual, is one of our most treasured spaces. It’s where we go to relax from a long day, where memories are born and where lives are lived. Most significantly it’s where we safeguard some of our most valued possessions.

Consequently, it’s of the utmost importance to keep this space safe and protected from any unknown or unsolicited events. In other words, for the sake of security, Westshore Construction offers motorized rolling shutters and even motorized screens for your home.

Benefits Of Motorized Rolling Shutters

The primary benefit of having motorized rolling shutters installed in your home by Westshore Construction is protection. For example, this can mean providing security against break-ins or robberies. If your home is targeted, having this product makes it difficult for anyone to gain entry through windows.

Such preparation allows you to go about your day with confidence knowing your essentials are safe.

Additionally, as most residents of Florida learn fairly quickly, another looming threat common to the area is the weather. From June to November, the state is home to some of the most volatile and violent climates of the year.

This translates to spontaneous hurricanes that can reach levels as high as category 5 and cause widespread destruction.

Hurricane season graph

Generally, most havoc caused by Florida weather results from projectiles such as sharp-edged palm fronds tossed about by extreme winds. Sharper than most realize these tree branches, among other environmental debris, can cause severe damage to your home.

However, with motorized rolling shutters, your sanctuary remains safe and protected from the elements. This includes intense wind speeds, which if strong enough, as they sometimes are during Florida hurricanes, can shatter glass.

Furthermore, not only does this product provide an extra layer of security for your home, but it also protects your wallet for the future. Meaning, insurance companies recognize the added benefit it has to offer. Consequently, once installed most claim you as eligible for a discount on your policy.


Westshore Construction cares about you, your needs, and what you value. We’re here to provide you with security and that extra layer of protection so you can breathe easy every day. This is especially crucial in the area of Bellaire Beach, Florida as the weather can keep even long-time residents on their toes.

Motorized rolling shutters help to safeguard not just your valuables, but your loved ones, as well as yourself. If you would like to hear more from one of our experts please call today at (727) 488-8182 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.