West Shore construction offers a variety of services. However, residents of the Tampa Bay area are probably most familiar with our hurricane protection products. Our panels provide an intelligent design that’s easy to set up, affordable, and Florida building code approved. One of our most popular products is the accordion shutters.

What are Accordion Shutters?

Accordion shutters protect your windows from hurricanes. They’re robust and extremely durable. They go through thorough testing to prove resilience against hurricane-force winds. You can install them onto windows, sliding glass doors, or balconies. Shutters are crafted with aluminum and provide more coverage per blade. It’s a guarantee you will stay secure during a hurricane.

Aluminum Is The Way To Go

Aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t naturally rust as most metals would. This doesn’t compromise its strength, though. Aluminum is exceptionally durable so you can save money on repairs and replacements. For example, if you live somewhere where you experience salt spray. That salty water will rust metals on the exterior of your home much faster than average.
Are you worried about the metal looking unappealing? Well, you don’t have to. You have the option to powder coat your accordion shutters in a variety of colors. Paint on outdoor fixtures usually fades or gets damaged quickly. This will not be a problem with powder coating. You will have multiple coats to prevent any wear-down or scratches.

How to use Your Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are relatively easy to install, use, and maintain. To use your shutters, all you have to do is pull the sides together, snap them into place, and then lock up. A job that is quickly done by just one person if necessary. This seems simple and will continue to be simple if your shutters are well maintained.


Taking care of your shutters is essential even if they aren’t in use. Here are a few simple steps to keep your accordion shutters in tip-top condition.

  1. Keep the tracks clean– Make sure to look out for any debris build-up or insect nests
  2. Lubricate at least twice a year – Use a clear silicone spray lubricant. Avoid using oily lubricants like WD-40 because dirt and slat will build up quicker with these types.
  3. Wash with warm water and soap – Avoid using harsh chemicals and brushes. You will damage your shutters. Remember to get into all the cracks and crevices.
  4. Use your shutters once a month – It is never good to let something sit for a while. This includes your shutters. Keep them active, so you know they’re functioning correctly.

Pros Of Accordion Shutters For Hurricane Protection

The first benefit of accordion shutters, is their vertical blades allow for the installation of any width or length. You also have an option for them to roll right, left, or open from the middle. Another great thing about these shutters is that they are permanently installed. This means you won’t have to scramble to find extra storage space when they’re not in use. You won’t panic while trying to set them up, either. One person could quickly and efficiently lock up all openings in the house. Allowing you to spend quality time with your family while watching the forecast or enabling you to get other things prepared.

Other Benefits of Accordion Shutters

Security is a huge benefit of installing accordion shutters. As long as you’re locking up your shutters, it would be rather challenging for a burglar to get past that sturdy aluminum. Even if a bad guy were to break through, you would have extra time to alert authorities. Another advantage of your shutters would be the increase in your home’s resale value and possible tax deductions. Potential buyers will see the investments you’ve made and could be willing to pay more. Especially if you’re in a hurricane zone because they want to feel safe. Overall though, the most important thing to us is the safety of the people. Our primary concern at West Shore construction is to keep your family and home safe.

Accordion Shutters Are Superior To Impact Windows

Accordion shutters are the superior product for a few different reasons.

  • Save money – Accordion shutters are less expensive, so you can save some money while still receiving a quality product.
  • Different styles – Don’t get stuck with an average clear impact window. Customize with different colors and styles when installing shutters.
  • Fewer repairs – It’s going to be a lot more evident if your window has a crack vs. your aluminum getting scratched. So there’s less need for repairs.

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