Decorative exterior shutters add charm to your Clearwater home. West Shore Construction is the Tampa Bay expert at helping you choose just the right type, size, and color, in addition to skillfully installing your shutters. There are different types of decorative shutters available. Check out this blog on choosing the right exterior shutters. West Shore Construction creates and installs them in a way that ensures they are also functional, serving a number of purposes.

Adds color and charm to your home

Decorative Exterior of Shutters

There are two main styles of decorative shutters:

  • Bahama Shutters – Bahama shutters give your home an island feel. Hinged at the top of the window, they provide many advantages.
  • Colonial Shutters – Colonial shutters offer the façade a classic feel. Hinged on either side of the window, they can be shaped to fit arched windows and openings as well as standard.

Made to Last

West Shore Construction believes in using the highest quality materials and the best construction processes for our Clearwater customers. Our decorative exterior shutters are constructed from extruded aluminum. This process ensures that the product is not only lightweight but extremely strong. One of the most useful features of extruded aluminum is that it will not rot. Additionally, shutter corners are welded. This means that your shutters will stay beautiful for the life of your home. No need to worry about the rust, or salt corrosion that is so common in the Clearwater area.

The surface of your shutters is powder-coated to color-match or complement the exterior color of your home. Powder-coating produces an incredibly long-lasting durable surface.

Your shutters will be resistant to wear, scratching, and fading.

Beautiful Protection with Impact Shutters

We also have impact rated Bahama and colonial style exterior shutters as well. Our impact shutters offer an added layer of protection when you are away from home. And this without taking away from the curb appeal. When leaving your property for vacation or to spend extended time at another residence, simply close and secure your shutters. Your façade will maintain its aesthetic appeal, not only this but will have peace of mind that your property is safely guarded.

Clearwater is on alert for tropical storms from June through November of every year. There is always a concern about how to protect your home from storm damage. Boarding windows, hurricane fabric, accordion shutters as well as retractable hurricane screens are all potential solutions.

Doing double duty as hurricane protection, our Bahama and Colonial impact exterior shutters are Florida Building Code approved. Our shutters are easy to operate.  They will protect your windows and home from tropical storm winds, and flying debris that can strike from Bradenton to Tampa and up to Clearwater.

These decorative exterior shutters offer the most aesthetically pleasing look around.

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Bahama shutters

Because of the way they are hung, Bahama shutters naturally offer shade from the glare and heat of the sun. Additionally, they offer privacy from people passing by. One person can handle these shutters from either inside or outside the home. They are also excellent choices for balcony areas.

Colonial shutters

Thanks to our construction process, colonial shutters can be shaped to fit both boxlike window openings and arched openings. Increase privacy or control the room’s temperature by simply closing the shades. Colonial shutters are good choices for long, narrow windows such as those found on either side of the front door of many homes. Bifold colonial shutters may also be made for use in doorways.

Choose West Shore Construction to Provide Decorative Exterior Shutters You Will Love

West Shore Construction has been providing the Tampa area, including Clearwater and Bradenton with uncompromised service since 1985. In addition to decorative exterior shutters and other hurricane protection, we also provide quality custom kitchen and bathroom remodels. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and focus on customer service and satisfaction.

If you have any questions, call us at 727-488-8182 or send us a message online. We are ready to have a free consultation with you to find the best shutter solutions for your style and budget. We guarantee our work, and likewise, your satisfaction.