Living in St. Petersburg means having to deal with a much higher chance of violent storms than most places in the United States. Hurricane shutters are a necessity for anyone living in areas prone to wind and rain. As a simple and effective way to protect your home, the right window barriers can reduce everything from energy consumption to debris penetration.

While not something many homeowners consider, hurricanes can send pieces of metal and wood flying at speeds over 100 miles per hour, so you need to protect your windows.

Commercial properties will often have unattractive heavy metal covers for windows and storefronts. These options are fit only for large commercial properties and can be difficult to customize to regular homes. However, residential locations do not have to deal with complicated steel or aluminum barriers when they choose the right hurricane shutters.

West Shore Construction provides you with the best in looks and functionality. Unlike false panels used only for design, West Shore Construction’s products can handle rain, wind, and sunlight while also improving the appearance of your home.

Looking to protect your home, add value and beauty? Our shutters do just that!

Top 3 Benefits of Hurricane Shutters from West Shore Construction

Though the prices of wood panels are often less expensive than aluminum, wood is much less durable. Homeowners in St. Petersburg may believe they are saving on costs by installing wood options from their nearest home improvement store. However, it will not be long before these panels start showing signs of water damage.

The most obvious sign is the stale smell of mildew and fungus. Heatwaves following a storm can also quickly warp wooden panels. Clients at West Shore construction can also choose from Bahama and Colonial styles.

Some other significant advantages of relying on West Shore Construction include:

  • Long-lasting aluminum materials
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Better protection from intruders

Long-Lasting Aluminum Materials

Aluminum is often used for outdoor furniture and marine construction because of its longevity and corrosion resistance. Unlike other metals, it is both light and naturally does not rust. It does not require unique processes like galvanization to last in outdoor environments. Without something that is durable and resistant to water damage, you may end up with patches of rust. Slowly, but surely, the metal will lose color and grow weaker.

This can be dangerous as panels grow loose, and the frame weakens. By using aluminum hurricane shutters, clients save on repairs and avoid the rapid deterioration of their structure. If you live near the coasts of St. Petersburg, then it is even more critical that you use only aluminum hurricane shutters. Salt spray from the ocean can rust frames and blades much faster than average.

Our materials and products are built to with stand the storm!

Enhanced Appearance

Homeowners may assume that metal frames cannot appear as natural as wooden panels. However, St. Petersburg property owners can enjoy the best of both worlds with professional coats and painting. At West Shore, your hurricane shutters will receive what is known as a powder coating.

It is particularly useful for outdoor structures because it retains it colors much longer. A common issue with exterior paint is that is can quickly change color due to rain and UV rays. Powder coatings are typically done in thicker layers and are more resistant to damage like scratches, dents, and other normal wear.

Homeowners in St. Petersburg using aluminum frames and blades will find that they spend less on repairs and upkeep.

Better Protection from Intruders

A lesser-known advantage of hurricane shutters is protection from intruders in addition to storms. Blades can be locked while still allowing for airflow and cooling. Studies have shown that criminals are more likely to target homes with weak security.

Wooden panels are easy to break, and many do not lock. They are mostly aesthetic and do not protect individuals in storm-prone areas like St. Petersburg like aluminum panels can.

Protect your home from storms and from intruders

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