So, you have converted your garage and are ready for the finishing touches. Motorized garage door screens will add versatility, protection, and possibly contribute to increased value for your home in The Villages.

A Garage by Any Other Name. . .

A garage is traditionally considered a place for storage. In this space, we store automobiles, recreational vehicles, toys, and seasonal items. For some, it may even be used as an overflow or a “junk” space. As a matter of fact, garages might take the place of a traditional storage unit. Alternatively, the garage may be an area where hobbies are enjoyed.

You may, though, have a desire for something new and exciting. Repurposing a garage is more cost-effective than adding a room to your house. Renovating the garage attached to your home could create something entirely novel. This transformation may lead to renaming your space, for example:

  • Man-cave or She-shed
  • Exercise room
  • Game room or Sports palace
  • Family room (or other living space)

Considering the near-perfect, year-round opportunities in The Villages, converted garages can be an indoor or outdoor space or uniquely serve as both. Consequently, this room with a new purpose can have the challenges that come with indoor living, as well as those that come with outdoor living. We’ll note the challenges first and then how motorized garage door screens provide solutions.

Challenges of a Garage as Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

When making your garage suitable for enjoying outdoor living in The Villages, you may encounter obstacles that might include:

  • Maintaining privacy while enjoying the evening breeze and outdoor beauty,
  • Keeping the insects out such as flies and mosquitos,
  • Managing sun glare, especially if you use electronics; you wouldn’t want glare to interfere with your enjoyment of the big game,
  • Protecting furniture, furnishings, and any other possessions that are susceptible to damage by the sun’s rays.

Solution – Motorized Garage Door Screens

A popular solution to putting the final comfort touch to a garage is installing a motorized garage door screen. Numerous benefits include:

  1. Solar shades may block up to 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. We all know the health benefits of reducing sun exposure. Another key point is aesthetic and monetary damage of faded colors, fading and degraded fabric, and damaged wood.
  2. When deployed, the temperature of a room could be lowered by up to 15 degrees. Lower ambient temperature translates to greater enjoyment in the heat of The Villages’ summer. Not to mention, decreasing the temperature in a space reduces the load placed on your cooling system.
  3. The motorized garage door screen has a weave that allows air to flow through but keeps insects out.
  4. Lowered screens let the filtered sunshine in yet provide privacy.

Motorized Garage Door Screens | The Villages | West Shore Construction

Added value

Renovating your garage at The Villages could be a worthwhile investment. According to HomeAdvisor, a well-done conversion could bring you a return of up to 80% on your investment.

West Shore Construction and Progressive Screens – Trusted Partners.

West Shore Construction is one of the top contractors for The Villages residents. Additionally, we have clients throughout Central west Florida and Sumpter county. Our reputation stands on our quality workmanship and unrivaled customer service. Furthermore, we create value-based partnerships with industry leaders. Choosing West Shore Construction as your contractor of choice means that the research and vetting are complete.
Progressive Screens is a leader and innovator with over two decades in the motorized screen industry. Their proprietary tracking system offers smooth reliable deployment of your retractable garage door screen. The screen that you purchase for your home in The Villages is of top-quality materials and is rigorously tested at every stage of production.

Customized installation

 Tailored screens will meet your specifications and needs. Screens are manufactured up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Consequently, your retractable garage door screen can fit almost any size opening.

Control at your fingertips

 There are several remote operation solutions. The remote for your motorized garage door screen system is programmable and individualized. As a matter of fact, remotes are programmed to work with smart technology. You might have as many as five remote solutions in one app. 
A matter of safety – if, while the screen is being lowered, an obstacle is detected, the motor will stop.

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