Renovating space or upgrading your commercial properties’ standards is more straightforward with the aid of home improvement companies. Nowadays, websites and DIY options are more popular than ever. However, that comes with many shortcuts and disadvantages that are a better fit for a hobby rather than professional construction results. A lower quality room will appear less professional, may be unsafe, and also require days of work for simple things like painting interiors. Renovations and other significant changes to your home need contractors with the experience and tools to tackle the job head-on. Rather than wasting days or weeks researching paints, brushes, tools, and more, you can instead work with West Shore Construction. Amateur works also tend to be visibly rough and can clearly be differentiated between original construction and design. Profession home improvement companies afford home and property owners:

  • Better Designs and support
  • Various home improvement services
  • Green building services

Better Designs and Support

At West Shore Construction, clients can take advantage of contractors with the right certifications and experience to improve your property. A significant problem with amateur work lies in blending it to match properties accurately. Updating and mixing in modern designs requires artistic expertise and is not as simple as having the tools to do so. Many DIY builders without proper knowledge of their zone housing laws may also weaken their home structure in their attempt to renovate. Wires are sometimes cut, and critical planning goes out the window. This can lead to damage to the home or commercial property and place inhabitants in danger. Simple mistakes, such as leaving exposed screws, can cause severe injury. Instead of wasting time going through various home improvement companies, West Shore Construction can work with you to develop a design that fits your ideas and looks fantastic.

Various Home Improvement Services

Clients working with the right home improvement companies can also utilize a host of different services to improve their homes. Living in storm-prone areas means having to invest in additional protection to avoid damage and injury. Windows blown out due to hurricane winds can cause chards to go flying into inhabitants. At West Shore, property owners can invest in hurricane rated shutters to ensure their home and family are safe. Besides hurricane shutters, clients can also take advantage of our interior and exterior painting services that help keep residents safe.

Even today, certain paints can produce fumes that are carcinogenic or cancer-causing. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) come off from the paint as it dries. By using low VOC or no VOC paints, homeowners can reduce or altogether avoid potential health hazards. The best home improvement companies can cover all your needs regarding remodeling, painting, reconstruction, and more.

Green Building Services

As more countries become conscious of environmental damages, green building has become a preferred way to reduce greenhouse emissions. Something as simple as changing your lighting system and bulbs can provide both financial and ecological advantages. Newer lighting systems using LEDs produce no ultra-violet radiation, which means cool bulbs and more energy-efficient lights. Not all home improvement companies provide LED retrofitting, but West Shore Construction is different. Switching to LED lights in warehouses can reduce eye strain and reduce overexposure to ultra-violet radiation that can exacerbate skin conditions. LEDs will last longer, are less prone to accidental burns outs, and can be on all day without as much degradation.

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

Your kitchen is considered a high use room. Every day we have to eat, and in many homes, multiple mouths need to be fed. That’s why it’s so important to have a kitchen that functions well for you. When you get a functional kitchen remodel, it can take so much stress off your shoulders, and you could come home actually excited to cook a meal in your new kitchen.

Bathrooms are also high-use rooms. Despite bathrooms typically just looking white and sterile, there’s actually a lot of creative freedom when designing and decorating. Furthermore, you want to be able to easily clean your bathroom. Maintaining the bathroom remodel will extend its life span as well as cut down your cleaning time.

Invest in a Home Improvement Company You Can Rely On

West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor that provides homeowners with the attention to detail their homes need. Whether you want to improve the look of your walls with faux finishes or need to remodeling entire kitchens or bathrooms, you can find the professional assistance you need. As one of the first certified remodelers in Florida, you can depend on us to provide a stunning and unique look. You can avoid troublesome home improvement companies and contact West Shore instead by going online or at (727) 488-8182.