When you’re ready to purchase storm protection for your Clearwater or St. Pete home, hurricane impact windows may be a consideration. There are many options for protecting your home, but hurricane windows are among the simplest. Not to mention, there are benefits to installing these windows that go beyond safeguarding against a tropical storm.

Impact resistant windows have many appealing features. Here we will address benefits, design, and quality. West Shore Construction has over 30 years of experience installing hurricane protection for customers in Tampa Bay and along the West Coast of Florida. We partner with industry leaders and innovators to provide the highest standard and quality in our products.


Hurricane Impact Window Features

  • Deployment. One of the most attractive features of hurricane impact windows is their ease of deployment. Other options such as plywood and shutters, require time, strength, and maybe even assistance to deploy before a storm. Once your windows are installed, they are deployed and ready for duty. When your home is protected by impact-resistant windows, you can go on vacation and relax. You have ease in the knowledge that your St. Pete or Clearwater home is safe from the threat of a hurricane. No need to ask for the neighbor’s help. Just close and lock the windows and doors!
  • Protects your roof. Another key point is protection for your roof. During a hurricane in Clearwater, regular windows may be blown in creating a pressure change in the home. This fluctuation in air pressure could cause the roof to lift off. Hurricane impact windows can protect the roof of your St. Pete home. When the windows of a house can withstand hurricane-force winds, it minimizes the chances of the roof from coming off due to internal pressure and catastrophically destroying the house.
  • Incognito. Impact-resistant storm windows have many of the features available with regular windows. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hang options. They can even help you save on your energy bills, which is an important consideration for any Clearwater or St. Pete homeowner.

Quality and Correct Installation

When you choose West Shore Construction to install your hurricane impact windows, we’ll ensure your home is ready for the next tropical storm. The products we use are rigorously tested and meet the Florida Building Code regulations. Some of our products are also rated for compliance with High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements. These testing procedures and standards ensure the windows we our customers in St. Pete and Clearwater are among the best hurricane windows available on the market.

Just as the quality of the product is important, so is the quality of  the installation. Hurricane windows must meet local building codes, which consider wind zone and construction. We install original windows for new construction and additions. Replacement windows are measured to fit existing openings exactly and switching out will not damage interior walls or exterior finish.


What Makes a Hurricane Window Impact Resistant?

Hurricane impact windows withstand wind-driven projectiles in the midst of a tropical storm. Branches and debris can hurl at your home, doors, and windows in excess of  74 miles per hour; in fact, winds could be greater than 110 mph. Damage caused by windows breaking could go beyond water entering your St. Pete or Clearwater home. Impact-resistant windows can bring peace of mind.
Hurricane windows are made in a manner like that of automobile glass. Although this glass may break, the shattered pieces remain together and within the frame. This is, of course, preferable to shards of sharp glass breaking free. Two sheets of tempered glass are bonded together to a thin plastic membrane. This results in a strength that will hold up to hurricane driven projectiles. Frames are either aluminum or vinyl, each having their unique values.
  • Extruded aluminum frame: strong, resilient, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.
  • Vinyl frame: thermal efficiency, strength, low-maintenance, no need to repaint, impervious to sun and salt air.

The Cost for Hurricane Impact Windows

After the damage of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida in 1992, Florida building codes became more stringent. The window industry stepped up, improving window construction and testing standards. Today most hurricane windows, built with coastal wind zones in mind, meet a very high standard of quality construction. St. Pete and Clearwater homeowners will find that, as a result, this type of storm protection is more costly than others.

As with anything else, each homeowner must make the best decisions for their budget. One of the advantages of installing hurricane impact windows is the “one and done” factor. All of your glass covered openings are eligible for this type of protection. Additionally, you don’t ever have to worry about whether you or your neighbors are home in advance of a storm approaching the St. Pete – Clearwater area. Not to mention, if you find this investment valuable, the next homeowner probably will also, and so your decision will have added value to your home.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

  • Qualifying wind-mitigation technique leading to a discount on homeowner’s insurance policies.
  • Does double duty protection against storm damage and against home invaders.
  • Once installed, your window openings are storm ready, no further hurricane preparation needed.
  • They are available in different styles such as horizontal sliders, single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, and picture.
  • Just as glass windows can come in different shapes, so can hurricane impact windows.
  • You can choose between vinyl and aluminum frames.
  • Energy saving options possible.
  • Blocks UV light, protecting furniture and furnishings.


Rely on Professional Installers

West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor that provides homeowners in Clearwater and St. Pete with the attention to detail their homes deserve. Whether you want to improve the safety of your home, or want to remodel entire kitchens or bathrooms, we are here to help. You can depend on us to provide quality work, and above and beyond service.

Highly trained and skilled professionals will perform your hurricane impact window installation. You have peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of experts. If you would like to consider other storm protection choices, please ask us. Other potential solutions for homeowners in St. Pete and Clearwater include:
  • Accordion shutters – perfect for sliding glass doors also
  • Bahama shutters – add Caribbean charm
  • Colonial shutters – complement most home styles with classic charm
  • Hurricane Fabric – cost effective and easily stored away
  • Motorized rolling shutters – protection with the touch of a button
  • Motorized hurricane screens – also provide privacy and protection from insects
  • Polycarbonate panels – virtually indestructible

We will listen to your needs and suggestion the best storm solution options, whether that may be hurricane impact windows other considerations. West Shore Construction serves not only Clearwater and St. Pete but other Gulf Coast cities, and inland to The Villages. Call us today at (727) 488-8182 or send us a message and we will respond promptly.


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