You know the importance of installing hurricane impact windows in your St. Petersburg or Clearwater home, and you’re ready to invest in both protection and peace of mind. While it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of all forms of protection for you and your home before making a selection, impact windows are a wise and accessible option to consider.

Below, we’ll walk you through the features that make hurricane impact windows appealing. We will talk about the benefits, design, and quality. We will even tell you about installation best practices. The quality of the hurricane windows and the knowledge, experience, and skill of the contractor installing them can make all the difference when a storm strikes your home.

West Shore Construction has over 30 years of experience installing the best storm windows in Tampa Bay and along the West Coast of Florida. Let us guide you through the options and help you select the best hurricane protection for you, your home, and your budget.

Hurricane Windows | St Petersburg | Clearwater | West Shore ConstructionHurricane Impact Window Features

One of the most attractive features of hurricane impact windows is their ease of deployment, unlike other options such as plywood and shutters, which require time, strength, and assistance to deploy before a storm. When you’re home is protected by impact windows, you can go on vacation and relax, knowing that your home is safe from the threat of a hurricane. Just close and lock the windows and doors!

Impact glass also can protect your roof. When a home’s windows have the capacity to withstand hurricane-force winds oftentimes, it helps save the roof from coming off and catastrophically destroying the house. this is also why we recommend that all doors, especially garage doors, are equipped with hurricane protection as well. When you choose West Shore Construction, we’ll evaluate your options and discuss maximizing your hurricane protection.

Quality and Correct Installation

When you choose West Shore Construction to install your hurricane impact windows, we’ll ensure your home is ready for inclement weather. The products we recommend are rigorously tested and meet both the Florida state building code and the Miami Dade Building Code. These testing procedures and standards ensure the windows we offer Florida homeowners in St. Petersburg and Clearwater are the best hurricane windows available on the market.

Equally as important as the quality of the windows is the installation. Hurricane windows must meet local building codes, which consider the wind zone the home is in, and how it is constructed. By following the engineering provided by each window manufacturer, we ensure the windows are correctly installed and will protect the building during a storm and every other day of the year.

West Shore Construction is a Florida State Certified building contractor with over three decades of local experience installing Windows and Doors in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and all along the West Coast of Florida. This experience has also guided us in selecting the best window manufacturers for homeowners on the Suncoast of Florida, and allowing us to provide the best and most extended manufacturers’ warranty available.

What Makes a Hurricane Window Impact Resistant?

hurricane impact windows have the glass bonded to an impact-resistant membrane. This process is like what is in auto glass.

Don’t be fooled by hurricane impact window ads claiming to be “unbreakable.” This claim isn’t valid. Like auto glass, hurricane window glass breaks upon impact and is not separate from the window frame. By maintaining the bond to the window frame, the design prevents extreme wind and water from entering the home.

Manufacturers will build hurricane windows from many different materials. In Florida, and especially in the coastal cities of St Petersburg and Clearwater, vinyl is the preferred material. This is due to its insulating properties and its ability to resist sun and salt air in the Florida climate.

Hurricane Impact Window Cost

After the damage of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida in 1992, Florida building codes increased. The window industry stepped up, improving window construction and testing standards. Today most hurricane windows built with coastal wind zones in mind meet a very high standard of quality construction. Homeowners will find that these storm windows dare priced similarly.

Of the various forms of hurricane protection available, St. Petersburg and Clearwater homeowners will find hurricane windows to be one of the most expensive options. However, when evaluating most homes, we are usually able to provide a better cost. Hybrid hurricane protection is one solution.

The best hurricane impact windows provide benefits not available from other forms of protection

  • Includes eligibility for a discount on homeowner’s insurance policies
  • One of the best hurricane protection installation options
  • Allows light in and view out when power fails
  • Always deployed – no storm preparation required
  • Heavy-duty solution providing security against both crime and weather
  • Attractive and natural-looking solution
  • Blocks UV light year-round
  • Provides soundproofing
  • Provides energy savings for your home

West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor that provides homeowners with the attention to detail their homes need. Whether you want to improve the safety of your home, or need to remodel entire kitchens or bathrooms, we are here to help. You can depend on us to provide prompt and quality work and the best hurricane windows and installation available on the market. We offer many different forms of hurricane protection to whatever part of the Greater Tampa Bay area that you live in. Do you live in The Villages, Fl? We go there too!

Contact West Shore here or call us at (727) 488-8182

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