So you have made the wise choice to hire the best house painters in Tampa instead of doing it yourself and wasting all that precious time and energy, in addition to the needless risk on your part. Good job! Now, the next step is to filter through the thousands of companies competing for your dollar. At this point, it is a good idea to take a moment to consider why the professionals you hire matters. We know there are many to choose from, but instead of giving up in frustration and settling on a random pick, consider the following.

The Best House Painters Use Green Products

No, not the color green (although they should if you request it!) but rather environmentally conscientious products and paints. Paints can have toxic compounds in them called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that lower air quality, and can potentially cause health problems with long-term exposure. The best house painters in Tampa use green products not just because they care about their impact on the environment, but because they also care about your health. Saving a few bucks on an inferior product is not worth the risk to their customers.

Your Painters Should Care About Your House

Having complete strangers in your home can be unsettling to homeowners who have never contracted labor before, and the foremost thought on every homeowner’s mind other than “Will they do a good job?” is “Will they trash my place while doing the job?”

The best house painters will respect that level of trust extended to them and treat your home as if it were their own. This usually involves a lot of prep work, such as laying down sufficient tarps so that paint does not drip onto floors or nearby furniture. If you see the people you have hired lay down one dinky, paint splattered tarp for an entire room, consider if they really care about leaving paint in your house.

Attention to detail is very important, and straight, clean lines where the walls and ceiling meet will be seen by you and everyone coming into your home. This is especially true of how you painter will connect the wall paint with your baseboards. There are always more contractors in Tampa. Do not settle for a shoddy job. Pay your painter a fair price for the paint job and hire a top quality painting contractor that will get the job done beautifully the first time.

Your Painters Should Clean Up

Piggybacking off the last point, it may seem redundant or obvious, but it is important to mention that anyone calling themselves ‘the best house painters in Tampa’ will not leave behind their own garbage. Yet this does happen. True professionals will leave your home as clean as it was before they arrived, and often take extra steps such as sweeping up errant paint chips or debris that might have gotten under the tarps. You deserve the best, so you should not accept anything less.

House Painters Are a Business— Businesses Should Have an Online Presence

It may be tempting to hire Joe Painter off Craigslist who will paint your home for a few cases of beer and a couple of bucks, but consider for a moment why that may not be the best idea. Any reputable business should have an online presence. Otherwise, you are gambling on a freelancer who can do as they please and not care about consequences, such as bad reviews. The best house painters in Tampa will have a professionally-designed website listing what services they offer. They should have answers for most of your questions and concerns along with great online reviews and feedback from prior customers.

The Best House Painter Will Keep You Updated

A solid house painter will keep you updated on progress. Sometimes painting jobs can be quite extensive and take more than just one day. If this is true for you then your painter should update you on their progress and any possible changes on the completion date. Your painter should also help you with advice on what colors to choose if you haven’t already made the decision. With years of experience in the industry they have a lot of knowledge on which colors work best together. In addition to color they could also compare brands with you. Remember, when buying paint understand the price delegates the quality. We can also paint more than just your home so contact us for office painting as well.

Reputable Businesses Carry Insurance

Another point to consider is that reputable contractors should carry insurance, whereas Joe Painter from Craigslist most likely does not. It is important for the best house painters to carry insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances, accidents, and other twists of fate. Check your local laws to see what is required, as Tampa, Florida will most likely have different requirements than Houston or Pittsburgh, for example.

Choose Westshore Construction

When looking for the best house painters in Tampa, consider Westshore Construction for our many years of experience, dedicated professional team, and earnest hard work for all your interior and exterior painting needs. We aim to leave your house better than we found it, and always strive to make our clients happy. Call us today at 727-488-8058 for Pinellas County and 727-488-8182 for Hillsborough.