Faux Finishing and Murals

Faux Finishing and Murals

Your home should be a place of warmth and comfort, a place you truly love. A faux finish added to your walls or a custom mural can help you capture the essence of what you desire your house to be like. We offer our faux finishing and custom mural painting services in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. You can be certain that our staff will provide you with outstanding quality in every faux painting job we do because your satisfaction is what is most important to us.

Faux Finishing

We start every finishing job by evaluating your house’s space. We then determine the scale of the finishing job, and other physical elements such as lighting and flooring. Your vision is the most important aspect of the job because we want to fully capture exactly what you have in mind for your design. The techniques we use range from simple techniques to multi-layer textural effects. Some of the finishing techniques we use frequently are glazing, distressed and antiqued, patina, old and new world styles, marbling, wood-graining, sponging, color washing, combing, decorative plasters, gilding and metallic effects.

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Our philosophy is that every mural we create is a unique piece of artwork. We capture imagination in every brush stroke and provide visual inspirations to anyone that is exposed to them. Murals should take your imagination to new destinations and transform your surroundings into an ideal setting, congruent with your individual design taste.

Faux finishing and murals not only enhance the aesthetics of your home, they also greatly enhance the value. Every faux finish and mural we do in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater is done to your exact requirements and complete satisfaction.