Regular house painting is the best way to keep your Clearwater home updated and in good condition. If you are overdue for a new paint job, West Shore Construction can do the job for you.

Tackling a job like this is a major undertaking that may require ladders, extensions, and precarious conditions. Not to mention the result will be visible to everyone that passes by you home!

When it comes to the paint on the outside and inside of your home, consult with the professionals.

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Did You Know That Regular House Painting Protects Your Home?

Exterior house painting is a step in home improvement that is easily overlooked because homeowners focus most of their attention on the parts of their interiors where they spend the majority of their time. It is, however, important to remember the condition of your exterior, not merely because of how it looks, but in the role that it plays in protecting your home in Clearwater. The right protective coat can help prevent rot, decay, mold growth, and other unwanted complications.

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Some Of The Factors That Result In Paint Damage Include:

  • Age — Paint gets old with time. The color loses its luster, and the layer of protection it provides becomes less active. The aging process cannot be avoided, although using high quality products and proper house painting techniques can buy you more time between repainting. West Shore Construction can help make your paint last longer by preparing your walls before applying a fresh coat. A proper primer not only transfers the color better, but creates a lasting application.
  • Sun Damage— The bright Clearwater sun does its share of damage to the exterior of your home. The constant UV light in Florida deteriorates the emulsifiers in the paint and results in cracking or peeling as it dries out.
  • Humidity and Rain— The outer layer of a building serves as an essential weather protection barrier for the rest of your house. The high levels of humidity in Clearwater and the heavy, sub-tropical rain storms during the summer test the durability of house painting. When small parts of the exterior are damaged, moisture may be able to enter through the cracks. When the moisture does not dry out, it can cause mold to spread into the inner walls.
  • Rot— If there is uncovered and untreated rotting wood in your home’s walls, the decay will begin to spread to other parts of the structure, softening the wood and causing not only paint damage, but serious wall damage as well.
  • Roof or Gutter Problems— The roof serves as protection for the exterior of your home in Clearwater. When there are issues with the roof, the rest of the exterior will most likely suffer. The same applies for broken or missing gutters, which do not funnel the water away from the walls. Leaks can cause more damage to certain areas of your home.

Preparation and Application

West Shore Construction has a team of painters who know how to get the job done efficiently. House painting is a two part process that consists of preparation and application.

We work with you to understand your needs and we use our skills to do the necessary preparations. We will make sure to cover your windows and doors in order to avoid splashes, and will prepare the surface of the walls to ensure a long lasting paint job.

The application of paint requires special techniques that we have perfected over the years. Applying the paint correctly also makes a difference in how it will hold and how long it will last. At West Shore Construction, our house painting professionals are vigilant in every step of the process. Past clients in Clearwater have said we are:

  • Experienced in dealing with various surfaces and using different techniques
  • Friendly, pleasant to deal with, and clean up thoroughly after a job
  • Hard-working and strive to ensure a high quality finish
  • Determined to always work with your goals in mind
  • Proud of our work

Call West Shore Construction Today for House Painting

Is it time to renew the look of your house? Choosing a new color can change the entire look of your home. It is sometimes hard to imagine how fresh and exciting your house can look with a new layer of paint. Why not update your Clearwater home today? Call West Shore Construction at 727-488-8058 or 727-488-8182 for your free house painting estimate.
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