Kevlar is an incredibly durable synthetic fiber called Aramid that is used in various industries. When it comes to hurricane kevlar, it’s arguably one of the strongest storm protection solutions out there. This material will absorb the impact of oncoming debris and keep your windows, sliding glass doors, porches, and other areas of your home secure during the storm.

Kevlar is extremely lightweight and a breeze to store. You can easily move this material without a struggle. When the storm is over, simply rinse off your fabric, dry it thoroughly, and place it back in the bag that comes with your AstroGuard hurricane fabric.

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What Makes Hurricane Kevlar So Strong?

On an equal weight basis, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel. The material’s chemical structure is comprised of inter-change bonds that are then crossed and linked with hydrogen bonds. Fibers are then woven together very tightly to create an extremely durable material.

Fun fact, kevlar was created by Stephanie Kwolek, a DuPont chemist, for bulletproof vests for fighter pilots. This robust material is used in various industries for car brakes, body armor, boats, and even aerospace engineering.

Superior Storm Protection At A Reasonable Price

Effective hurricane protection doesn’t have to break the bank. One of the best & most economical types of hurricane protection we offer is hurricane fabric. You can rest assured though that the price does not come with the sacrifice of quality. This is still a great product.

Hurricane kevlar also has an extraordinary lifespan, so if you take proper care of the fabric, you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. You can feel confident that your home or commercial business remains secure and everyone stays safe. Without the financial burden, some hurricane protection solutions may present you with.

Can I Leave Up My Hurricane Kevlar For an Extended Period Of Time?

It is highly recommended that you take down your hurricane kevlar when the storm is over. The environment here in Pinellas County is very moist and salty. This can lead to mold, mildew, and other unsightly and potentially damaging effects from the elements.

You want to enjoy your hurricane fabric for its fully intended lifespan. So only use your fabric when you need protection from the elements, and once you’re safe and the storm is over, it’s time for storage.

Storing Your Hurricane Fabric

The material is bound to get a little dirty during a hurricane. So give it a quick rinse when the storm is over to ensure any dirt or debris is removed. You can also use a mild soap and soft brush for any stubborn dirt or stains. Just mix warm water and soap into a bucket and gently scrub.

Once you’ve done a quick wash, make sure your fabric is COMPLETELY dry before putting it back in the bag. Otherwise, mold and mildew can grow inside the bag and produce a funky smell. When your hurricane kevlar is clean and dry, it’s ready for storage! Easy right?

Receive Insurance Discounts With Hurricane Kevlar

Living in Pinellas County, we are very familiar with hurricanes. This means many homeowners are also aware of the insurance savings available through a wind mitigation report. Hurricane fabric is one way to become eligible for these discounts. West Shore Construction will even pay for your wind mitigation inspection to ensure you can receive the savings.

In order to pass the inspection, you have to prove your home can withstand the strong winds of a hurricane. With our detailed installation and high-quality products, you can feel confident that your home is up to par with the qualifications.

Professional Installation Vs. DIY

If you’re willing to take on the project as a DIY, this could save you some money. But a lot of people underestimate just how tedious of a process installing the wall mounts and cutting the fabric is. Plus, you want to ensure your hurricane fabric is in accordance with the Florida Building Code.

You can put your faith in our experienced contractors to perform an efficient and quality installation job. Whether we’re installing a hurricane kevlar into your home or your commercial business.

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