Hurricane fabric is meant to be put away in storage when it’s not in use. Putting away the product keeps the material clean and in prime condition.

If you leave up your hurricane fabric all year, you’re going to run into mold and mildew growth. Not to mention you’re potentially compromising the integrity of your fabric. 

Hurricane Fabric Maintenance | West Shore ConstructionHurricane Fabric Maintenance

Once the storm is over, the first step is washing away any dirt and debris. Hosing down your fabric may get the job done. But if there are stubborn marks or the dirt isn’t coming off, you can use OxyClean and a gentle brush to scrub away any remaining debris.

Once the fabric is clean, you must dry it thoroughly before storing it away. Otherwise, it will mildew and produce a funky smell. This is a step in the storage process you do not want to miss.

Storing Your Hurricane Fabric

Once your hurricane fabric is clean and dry, you can fold it up neatly and place it into the nylon storage bags that come with the hurricane fabric. It’s great to keep these bags in an easy-to-grab location. Some good spots include,

  • An attic
  • Closet
  • Garage
  • Or any storage room you have in your home

It’s wise to keep your hurricane fabric inside your home in case of any emergency. If your hurricane protection is in a storage unit and your car happens to break down suddenly before the storm, that could be a sticky situation. It’s just smart to expect the unexpected and have your hurricane protection close by in the event of a storm.

Light as a feather | West Shore ConstructionThis Lightweight Material Allows For Easy Deployment And Storage

Deploying and taking down your hurricane fabric is relatively easy, considering it’s lightweight. One person can quickly move the material making the storage process simple.

Remember! Do not store away the material while it’s still wet. When you open the bags back up for the next storm, you’re going to have to do some thorough cleaning before you deploy the fabric if it was left in the bags damp.

Is Hurricane Fabric Miami-Dade Approved?

The AstroGuard hurricane fabric we offer at West Shore Construction is Miami-Dade, and Florida Building Code approved. The material has also gone through extensive testing to ensure its durability and strength.

When the missile ( 2×4) is projected into the hurricane fabric, almost like a trampoline, it absorbs the impact and pushes the object back outward. Check out the testing process here.

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