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Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

There are so many beneficial reasons to call a kitchen rehab contractor in clearwater. Of course, it’s okay if you just want some change. Everyone likes a new look, it brings some excitement into our everyday lives. Although if you’re going to sell your home or the architectural integrity is at risk, a remodel is almost a necessity. Some might ask, is a remodel worth it? The answer is yes. So much happens in the kitchen, its where memories are made. So whether you’re doing it for you or trying to sell it’s an investment worth making.

Energy savings are a popular reason for remodeling. By changing light fixtures to LED and updating appliances to be more energy-efficient, you can save money. You will benefit the environment as well, so your kitchen can look great, and you can feel great knowing you’ve taken steps to help protect the earth.

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Hiring A Kitchen Rehab Contractor

  • Get referrals
  • Do your research
  • Make sure your contractor has proper credentials
  • Set up meetings

Asking around and getting referrals is probably the best way to find a good contractor. Whether it be friends or family, ask for personal opinions on the kitchen rehab contractor’s service and how any potential issues were handled. In addition to referrals, make sure you’re doing your own research. Call around and check out websites.

Most importantly, though, ensure your clearwater contractor is licensed and insured. Do not hire a contractor that doesn’t have the proper credentials. Construction is not a job for the every day Joe, and you could end up paying way more than you intended for the original remodel because you now need to fix things. So do your homework and have a without a doubt guarantee they have the proper authority to be remodeling your home. You can make sure of all this by meeting potential kitchen rehab contractors.

Some Improvements may Include…

  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Faucets
  • Other new fixtures
  • Molding
  • Granite
  • New Finishes
  • Sinks
  • Backsplash
  • Dishwasher
  • A New Total Kitchen Design
  • and more

Our Kitchen Rehab Contractor Services Offer…

  • Structural home changes
  • Build out additions
  • Built-in office furniture
  • Custom pantries and storage spaces
  • Complete room and home remodel
  • Customized countertops
  • Custom kitchen cabinets
  • High-quality stock cabinets
  • Premier cabinet accessories
  • Interior floor plan and design services

The Remodel Process

Before the kitchen rehab contractor can begin creating something new and pretty, the old stuff has to go. So the first step of a remodel is tearing everything up. The outcome depends on what you want, but usually, the floors, cabinets, walls, etc. will go. Some might want to do this part themselves to save money. Still, it’s better left to the professionals because you don’t want to hit electric or plumbing. Next, the contents inside the walls are adjusted as needed, and walls are framed. This is usually the lengthier part of the remodeling process and, again, better left to the professionals.

After these two steps have been completed, your home needs to be inspected. A city or counter worker will inspect the work and make sure in its accordance with building codes. When you pass inspection, then its time to finish the walls. Once walls have been completed, your contractor moves onto doors and windows. It’s crucial windows and doors are correctly installed to insulate the home.

Furthermore, if you already have usable doors, there’s no need to buy new ones. Just clean them up a bit, and they’re good as new. Lastly, plumbing and other fixtures are added. New appliances are brought in, and its time to celebrate a new kitchen!

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Remodeling your kitchen comes with many benefits. So whether you just want something new and more functional or you have an issue, you need to fix it. Or even if you are getting ready to sell your home. Whatever the reason, remodeling your kitchen is a worthwhile investment. You can actually end up saving money by installing energy-efficient appliances. If you have any questions or you’re interested in a kitchen to remodel, call us at 727-488-8182 or contact us online. West Shore construction is reliable kitchen rehab contractors, and we will make your remodel a smooth and efficient process.

West Shore Construction also specializes in hurricane protection products also.

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