There are so many reasons you may want to remodel your kitchen – you may be looking to update your kitchen to resell, to breathe new life into your home, or to create a space for you to cook and entertain. But it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start and what ideas you want to incorporate into your kitchen remodel in Clearwater, FL.
If you’re tired of seeing the same design trends repeatedly and want to take a creative twist on classic kitchen design elements, then here are a few tips. They’ll make your space look completely new and transform it into a feature of your home that you’ll want to show off.

Think Outside the Box With Your Flooring

Part of taking a creative take on your kitchen’s look is finding new ways to break up the space. An interesting and eye-catching way to do this is to separate your kitchen and your kitchenette dining space by varying the flooring in the two areas.
Experiment with differently patterned and shaped tiles and different hardwood or concrete to figure out which combination looks best. Opting for a cool-neutral tile paired with a dark, warm wood in your kitchen remodel in Clearwater, FL can make your space look dynamic and organically separate the cooking area from the eating area.

Kitchen Remodeling Companies | Largo | Westshore ConstructionReplace The Backsplash For Your Kitchen

Even though it’s one of the smallest features in your kitchen, it’s shocking how much a backsplash can impact the overall appeal of your kitchen. An older faded backsplash can instantly give your kitchen an outdated feel, and a backsplash with colors or patterns that clash with the rest of the kitchen can really stand out and make the whole space look uncoordinated.
Replacing the backsplash should be one of the first things you do in your kitchen remodel in Clearwater, FL because it’s cheap, simple, and can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s look. Try to find backsplashes that are cool-toned and work well with your appliance and counter colors since they’ll always be close to them. Avoid vibrant colors, pictures, or text on your backsplash, as they could look awkward and too bold in your space.

Add An Island

Kitchen islands are one of the best and most creative ways to breathe new life into your kitchen. They’re great because they’re so versatile of a space that can be used for storage, eating, or as extended counter space you can use for more ambitious cooking projects.
If you’re undertaking a serious kitchen remodel in Clearwater, FL, consider replacing the wall or area that separates your kitchen from your living room with a kitchen island. It’s a great way to open up your space and make it look bigger and more inviting, while also being a fantastic kitchen feature that you can use for so many things.
Remodeling a kitchen is a fun and exciting process that can really get your creative juices flowing as you design and decorate your way to a functional and fashionable kitchen.
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