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In The Villages, Florida, one of the best investments for your home could be the purchase and installation of motorized screens. There are many benefits to having rolling screens fitted in the large openings in your home. Find out more about the benefits here. Expert placement with West Shore Construction will guarantee the work is done professionally, not to mention within budget.

Here are 5 reasons to add motorized rolling screens to your home.

Automatic screens deploy with the click of a button and are perfect for large areas such as:

  • Garages and carports
  • Lanais
  • Walkways
  • Double and sliding glass doors
  • Balconies

There are different types of powered screens that can serve multiple purposes. They can be utilitarian as well as discrete.  All the while providing peace of mind, in addition to visual appeal and adding value to your home. Retractable screens are easy to operate and may be the perfect option for those with limited mobility. You may be saved the trouble and discomfort of bending, lifting, and reaching to close and open shutters or shades.

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Motorized Screens for Lanais

Your lanai, porch, or veranda might be your favorite space in your home at The Villages. It is perfect for relaxing, an afternoon snooze, or entertaining friends. As an extension of your home, you would likewise like it to be as attractive as the interior. Automatic screens for your outdoor spaces are aesthetically pleasing, as they disappear when they are retracted. They roll down at the touch of a button when you desire privacy, or when insects determine to interrupt your enjoyment, or when the sun starts to get too hot.

An advantage of motorized screens for your lanai in The Villages is that you are in control of how elevated you would like your screens to be. The options are not simply up or down, open or closed; you may choose any height in between. Furthermore, your screens could save you money by reducing energy costs, not to mention preserve your furniture from cracking, fading, and other sun damage.

Motorized Screens for Shade

Having fun in the sun in The Villages means alternately enjoying the cool of the shade. Automatic rolling screen shades, arranged by West Shore Construction, give you one-touch options for partial or full shade, at your command. These shades are perfect for areas such as your outdoor living spaces. Shade screens block a large percentage of the sun’s rays. Your view of the outdoors is not obscured though, as you are still able to see through to enjoy the view. The glare of the sun will be reduced, and the temperature will go down as you relish your time in the shade.

The rays of the sun can be damaging. Retractable screens for shade offer protection for you, your family, and guests. It also offers protection for your furniture, preserving both wood and fabric from the drying and fading effects of exposure to the direct light and heat of the sun.

Motorized Screens for Insects in The Villages

Living in Florida means living with insects. Installing automatic insect screens means enjoy your outdoor living spaces day or night without having to be concerned about getting bit by mosquitos or the intrusion of other insects. A side benefit of using screens to keep out insects is the reduced need for chemical insect repellent. Your shades can be quickly and easily raised or lowered as needed, furthermore, our insect screens are extremely sturdy, as they are built with the same craftsmanship as our hurricane screens.

Motorized Screens for Hurricanes

Imagine hearing a hurricane warning for The Villages and knowing that you do not have to scramble to get your patio furniture indoors. There is no need to hang, nail, crank, or board up anything. Imagine not needing to call children or neighbors for help. You solely press a button and your space is beautifully and fully protected from the storm.

West Shore Construction can install retractable screens that are rated for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Like a trampoline, these screens absorb the impact of flying objects and debris, and toss them back, away from your valuable home and belongings. These motorized screens for hurricanes can be operated simply and by one person with the click of a button. Additionally, your hurricane screens can be integrated into your smart home system at The Villages so that you can deploy your storm protection screens from anywhere in the world.

Our hurricane screens do allow for airflow and light penetration. If the lights go out, you will not be in the dark. When danger from the hurricane has passed, merely retract your screen and it is stored out of sight. There is nothing to breakdown, nothing to store, and no extra work on your part.

Furthermore, by proactively taking measures to secure your dwelling against storm damage, you may realize financial benefits. Installing motorized hurricane screens on your home in The Villages could save you up to 10% on homeowner’s insurance premiums. Although retractable screens for hurricanes might be a slightly more expensive option, the advantages of time, effort, and automation make this form of protection a worthwhile home investment.

West Shore Construction – Experts

In conclusion, motorized screens can provide both pleasure and protection for your home.

Pleasure by:

  1. shading you from the glare and heat of the sun during the day,
  2. freedom from mosquitos and other pests at night.

Protection by:

  1. shielding your body and furniture from sun damage,
  2. and your valued possessions from hurricanes.

Most importantly, West Shore Construction understands that your home in The Villages is an investment, indeed a haven you would like to enjoy for a long time. We promise our customers the finest service in every stage of the process. Not only do we provide free estimates, but will also consult with you to address your needs, lifestyle, and budget. You will have peace of mind in knowing that from quality products to installation to guarantee, customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

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