Motorized hurricane screens offer elite protection with no hassle in the St. Pete or Clearwater area. One person can do deployment with just the touch of a button. Therefore, during the stressful time of a hurricane, protecting your home doesn’t have to be an added burden. Not to mention your motorized hurricane screens will benefit you all year long.

What Are Motorized Hurricane Screens?

Motorized hurricane screens are a form of durable hurricane protection with many other benefits as well. They run on a motor making deployment a breeze, and they’re discrete when putting away. So you don’t have to commit to the look that screens add to your St. Pete or Clearwater home, although you might want to. The retractable hurricane screens are made of polyester fibers making them extremely robust while still allowing light into the room if your power goes out. West Shore construction offers other automated hurricane protection products as well.

Year-Round Benefits

You will benefit in many ways besides just hurricane protection and aesthetics. Motorized hurricane screens will,

  • Keep insects out
  • Secure animals
  • Allow light in
  • Possibly save you on insurance

So don’t hesitate to invest in hurricane screens because you think they’ll only do you good during the hurricane seasons. Living in St. Pete or Clearwater, we understand how bad the mosquitoes can get so hit two birds with one stone and eliminate bugs while also protecting your home. Even save money on your homeowner’s insurance by securing your home with screens.

How Do I Know When To Deploy My Motorized Hurricane Screens?

The national hurricane center recommends you should deploy hurricane protection when a watch is issued. So approximately two days before the storm is going to hit. This may seem a little early, but the weather is very unpredictable, and the news isn’t always accurate. So either way, its always best to be safer than sorry.


Screens can be installed anywhere, such as areas like doors and windows, and will still do an adequate job to protect you. But they’re better for larger openings such as carports, lanais, and walkways. Remember, even though we have many storms in the St. Pete and Clearwater area, we can’t forget how important protecting our homes are. Its essential to keep your family and belongings safe and automated hurricane screens are the way to do it.

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