Enhance your enjoyment of sun and fun by installing motorized rolling screens for your Largo home. People move to or stay in Florida largely because of the number of sunny days, but also because they can enjoy outdoor living and recreation year-round. West Shore Construction has shutters, screens, and other products for your exterior that will help make your Florida days more pleasurable.

Other names for motorized rolling screens include:

Benefits of Motorized Rolling Screens for your Largo Home

Retractable screens remain hidden from sight when not in use, stored at the top of the open spaces. The touch of a button lowers and raises them with ease and discretion. They are also:

  • Constructed to fit large spaces – Retractable shades are perfect for porches, lanais, patios, and sunrooms, as well as balconies and gazebos.
  • Provide protection from pests – Mosquitos and other flying pests may be one of the few drawbacks to living in Largo Florida. Motorized rolling screens can be lowered at night to protect you and your guests from flying and biting insects.
  • Give relief from the sun and heat – Your rolling shades can even be automated to lower to match the movement of the sun, thus providing protection from glare. Additionally, because the sunlight is filtered, the temperature will be a few degrees cooler, which may in turn save money on your utility bill.
  • Offer hurricane protection – motorized rolling screens may also be made of material to protect your home and possessions from flying debris and damage caused by tropical storms.

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