Having motorized rolling screens installed in your St. Petersburg home can not only save you money but also increase the value of your home. The investment will, without a doubt, increase the enjoyment of your home, for the reasons listed below.

Benefits of Motorized Rolling Screens

  1. Outdoor living – There are many options for creating outdoor living spaces for your St Petersburg home. No matter where you like to spend your free time, retractable screens can be tailored to fit all. These include areas such as balconies, lanais, patios, and gazebos, in addition to sliding and double door openings. You will enjoy discrete luxury and protection.
  2. Convenience – Motorized rolling screens are stored out of sight when not in use. The simple push of a button allows you to easily raise and lower your shades.
  3. Pests – Outdoor dining is something that many in St. Petersburg enjoy. Mosquitos and flies are two Florida insects that can ruin a good time or a good meal. When eating or when evening comes, you can quickly lower your automatic screen to keep these pests not only off you and your guests but off you your food as well.
  4. Storm protection – Your outdoor spaces may also be fitted with screens that will protect your home and property during a hurricane. These screens are made of ballistic material that will repel flying debris. Storage and deployment are no longer anything to worry about.
  5. Money – Your motorized rolling screens may be lowered to protect you from the glare of the sun. The shade provided will lower temperatures, possibly saving money on your St. Petersburg utility bill. If you choose to have hurricane screens installed, your insurance company may offer a discount because you have storm protection.

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