It can difficult to find a reliable house painting company that can handle a wide variety of services. However, Clearwater residents can rely on West Shore Construction to provide quality paint services with premium results. Often, property owners may attempt to paint the walls themselves, believing it to be preferable to investing in professional work. However, if you do not have experience handling work like complete outdoor repainting and stucco, then it can be hard to measure how long the job will take. DIY-ers may find it impossible to devote the necessary time, energy, and money needed for repainting the interior or exterior of a building on their own. West Shore Construction provides homeowners with better results and faster work without any unnecessary or costly surprises. Whether you have worked with contractors before or you are new to the experience, we make sure you know what to expect and work hard to ensure the success and longevity of your new coat.

Why Invest in a House Painting Company?

Regardless of the work, you may still be considering adding paint to the interior or exterior of your home by yourself. However, one of the most common issues DIY painters face is injury. Those without the proper experience or knowledge of safety practices may suffer after falling from a ladder or off a roof. Commercial properties are even more dangerous, as they are often larger and require specific equipment. Another common issue with doing it yourself is the use of incorrect painting practices. Professionals at a house painting company like West Shore Construction will take care of your walls with care and treat them properly beforehand. We maintain strict safety standards and know the best techniques for a smooth, streak-free finish every time.

A significant advantage of working with a house painting company the comprehensive list of services available. West Shore Construction can manage any project you have, whether large or small. As an experienced contractor, we can handle exteriors, interiors, residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Clearwater homeowners should rely on a business that not only has years of experience but can provide additional assistance beyond just painting a single room.

3 Common Issues with DIY House Painting

DIY painters often forgo critical steps or do not know to consider certain factors like stain-blocking primers or solid trim work. Many Clearwater residents may also be unaware of temperature constraints. Temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 32 degrees Celsius, may cause paint to boil. The color will take longer to dry and leave uneven bubbles on your walls. Walls in direct sunlight may also suffer from boils, even in situations where the air temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Part of relying on a house painting company means avoiding issues you may not consider to ensure a beautiful finish. Clearwater homeowners working with West Shore Construction will receive superior results and do not have to worry about:

  • Potential damage to walls
  • Proper caulking and priming technique
  • Testing paints

We do all of the hard work for you!

Wall Damage

Clearwater homeowners with damaged walls should avoid painting over fractures and cracks. Paints will not seal or stop the crack from growing, so fixing your exterior walls beforehand is vital. It can take days for stucco to dry, which will often require sanding afterward. Repairing walls after a new coat of paint can mean having to damage the paint job that took time and effort. The right house painting company will perform an initial examination before getting to work, so we will notice issues that could affect the longevity of your paint.

Proper Caulking Technique

Clearwater residents attempting DIY paint jobs often run into caulking issues. Primers and caulk must be laid out in the correct order to avoid adhesion issues. Caulking tends to dry out and crack on improperly treated wood. The result is that you have to get areas like windows sanded, caulked, and painted again. By choosing West Shore Construction as your house painting company, you avoid paying more to get the job done right.

Testing Paints

An essential aspect of ensuring satisfaction with your paint job is testing your colors. Online guides will sometimes recommend individuals use untreated boards or other surfaces. However, this is not a great example of results on your walls. There are also other tests and examples like contrast color images, testing with primers, choosing the right stain, and more. Clients at West Shore Construction can have an accurate idea of results and pick the colors that best match their vision.

Benefit from Additional Services at West Shore Construction

Established over three decades ago, West Shore Construction has a long history helping individuals throughout Clearwater perfect their home’s aesthetics. Besides being a house painting company, West Shore provides services involving:

You can go online or call (727) 488-8182 today to learn more and also begin planning your future home improvements.