Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Season: Prepare and Protect Your Home Beforehand

Whether you have purchased your Florida dream home or one that needs some work to become the home of your dreams, hurricane preparation should be one of your primary considerations. Assessing your present home for hurricane readiness is important and you may want to consider working with professionals.   Timing is Everything Florida’s hurricane season [...]

Functional Hurricane Shutters: How To Measure

Measuring For Functional Hurricane Shutters Functional hurricane shutters are a great way to protect your home during unpredictable weather. The act of measuring for installation is a quick and fairly easy process that requires few tools. In general, the only instruments you'll need are a steel tape measure, not a ruler, possibly a latter depending [...]

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Where to Buy Hurricane Shutters in Tampa Bay

Are you looking for where to buy hurricane shutters to protect your home? Then you’ve come to the ideal place to start your search. West Shore Construction has supplied quality hurricane shutters and other means of protection in the Tampa Bay area since 1985. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to help make your [...]

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How Do Hurricane Shutters Work?

When you hear news of a storm approaching, having shutters ready to go relieves so much stress from your preparing for a storm. Not to mention they offer year-round benefits, so you really feel like you have full use of them. Having hurricane shutters protects your windows, but how? How Hurricane Shutters Work The extruded aluminum used [...]

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5 Cool Benefits Of Hurricane Shutters | St. Pete

Hurricane season only lasts so long, so is installing hurricane shutters really worth it? The answer is yes! Storm shutters will protect your home in style and offer many year-round benefits, so you aren't just making an investment that only serves you a few months. Read More: How Do Hurricane Shutters Work? 1. Hurricane Shutters Provide Light [...]

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Hurricane Shutters Are The Newest Protection Technology

At one time plywood was a quick and cheap solution when severe weather hit Clearwater. Problem was that plywood did not guarantee safety for you and your family. With hurricane shutters, they take the worries away. In just a few moments, your aluminum shutters go from either a decorative Bahama or colonial style shutter to [...]

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Choosing the Right Storm Shutters for You

Choosing hurricane protection, in general, can be a long process. So once you've narrowed your decision down to shutters, you still have to decide what kind and color. Storm shutters are a superb option for homes in Tampa because they protect you while also adding style to your exterior windows. Here are four essential questions [...]

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Benefits of Shutters for Hurricane Winds

Living in areas prone to storms means having to deal with high-speed winds that can tear apart weak exterior shutters. Individuals may decide on non-functioning aesthetic shutters, but many vinyl products are not strong enough to shield hurricane winds. West Shore Construction makes it simple by providing you with high-quality hurricane shutters that can withstand [...]

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Stand Up to Storms with Colonial Hurricane Shutters

West Shore Construction offers a wide range of services to improve your home’s appearance, functionality, and safety. One feature that Clearwater residential and commercial property owners seek out every year is protection during hurricane season. Colonial hurricane shutters are a stylish and classic functional window covering that allows you to quickly and easily protect your [...]

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4 Ways Storm Shutters Keep Your Home Safe

June first signifies the beginning of the hurricane season in Clearwater and everywhere in the country. Will you keep your home safe with storm shutters? 1. Storm Shutters Keep the Wind Outside Hurricane-force winds begin at 74 miles per hour and can reach up to 150 miles per hour. These high air current speeds can [...]

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