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Kitchen Remodeling in Clearwater

Kitchen remodeling in Clearwater is a savvy way to add value to your home. Oftentimes overlooked,  this room is the heart of any home. Dedicating your time and efforts to improving it is a noble goal. So, how should you get started? Embarking on this home improvement project needn’t be daunting. Thankfully, we’re here to [...]

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Kitchen Rehab Contractors

Having an efficient kitchen remodel where you're pleased with the process, and the result is not just the kitchen rehab contractor's job. Of course, hiring a good contractor is essential, and we'll explain some ways to find a good one. But there are also things you can personally do and plan during the remolding process. [...]

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Unique Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

So you want to renovate your bathroom but want to have a fresh take on the whole process? Look no further than these handy tips on how to make your bathroom look incredible as well as incredibly unique. With these helpful tricks for bathroom remodeling in St. Petersburg, Florida, your restroom could soon look like [...]

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Creative Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel

There are so many reasons you may want to remodel your kitchen – you may be looking to update your kitchen to resell, to breathe new life into your home, or to create a space for you to cook and entertain. But it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start and what ideas you [...]

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West Shore; The Remodeling Company For You During the Holidays

Every year families and friends gather to celebrate the holiday season. This is an exciting time as everyone can finally get together. While you’ve always hosted parties at your home, you’ve finally decided that it’s time for a remodel. Improve your home with a brand new kitchen for the holidays with the leading remodeling company in [...]

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Does Bathroom Remodeling Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Consumers place stern desire on their bathrooms. But does a bathroom remodel to increase the home value we ask? Simply bathroom remodels won't necessarily recoup everything you spent for your bathroom remodeling. They are though one of the higher return projects that you can do to your Clearwater home. Just like a new bathroom helps [...]

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Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tampa residents who want to improve their home often rely on kitchen remodeling services to do the job. Making over this part of your home can make a significant impact on the feel of the rest of the house. Homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether they’re preparing food, cleaning, entertaining, or [...]

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3 Reasons to Choose One Company for Home Maintenance Services

From lawn care and housekeeping to changing air filters, there are many parts that go into keeping your house in tiptop shape in Clearwater. By hiring a company to handle your home maintenance services, you can guarantee a stress-free job that is done by experienced professionals. 1. Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Clearwater [...]

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3 Reasons To Revisit Residential Remodeling

Your home is your castle, or so the idiom goes.  And what better way to spend your hard earned dollars than on fortifying your castle?  Even in these tough post-great recession times investing in your home will pay off in the long run, and this article will make the case for investing in residential remodeling [...]

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4 Commercial Remodeling Tips to Increase Productivity

There are simple ways to makeover your workspace that don’t have to break the bank. Check out these three commercial remodeling tips for a brand new outlook in the office. 1. Add or Remove Walls If your office has looked the same since the pre-internet days, it may be time for a change. Your employees [...]

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