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Hurricane Season: Prepare and Protect Your Home Beforehand

Whether you have purchased your Florida dream home or one that needs some work to become the home of your dreams, hurricane preparation should be one of your primary considerations. Assessing your present home for hurricane readiness is important and you may want to consider working with professionals.   Timing is Everything Florida’s hurricane season [...]

Gaposa Motorized Screens Add Value And Comfort To Your Business

When it comes to the comfort of your business it should have the same standards as those in your home. Installing Gaposa motorized screens can give you just that with their top-of-the-line silent motors. Not only do these screens provide a breathable enclosure at the touch of a button but it also helps with UV [...]

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Commercial Motorized Screen Applications

A screened-in outdoor area can mean comfort for guests, and enjoying the outdoors with access to outdoor areas 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions. Commercial motorized screen applications include, Hotels Restaurants Office buildings Country clubs and more Motorized screens are a great addition to any business, and offer a quick return on investment. Call now [...]

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Commercial Motorized Screens, Solar Screens, or Insect Screens

The Beauty of Commercial Solar Screens, Insect Screens, or Weather Screens Commercial Solar screens, Commercial motorized weather screens, and motorized insect screens are available in Clearwater for your customers to enjoy! These commercial screens serve multiple purposes. With built-in obstacle detection motors, any damage is prevented to any objects that you may have underneath your [...]

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How To Clean Your Motorized Screens

Cleaning your motorized screens is a simple process. The only supplies you will need are a gentle brush or rag, a non-abrasive cleaner, and water. Avoid using a pressure washer or any harsh brushes, so you don't damage the screens. Cleaning Your Motorized Screens When cleaning your retractable screens, the first thing you want to [...]

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Motorized Rolling Screens and Enjoying the Outdoors

Enhance your enjoyment of sun and fun by installing motorized rolling screens for your Largo home. People move to or stay in Florida largely because of the number of sunny days, but also because they can enjoy outdoor living and recreation year-round. West Shore Construction has shutters, screens, and other products for your exterior that [...]

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