Hurricane Fabric Installers: The Key to Protecting Your Home

If you're looking for a secure home this hurricane season, it's wise to seek out hurricane fabric installers in Venice. Hurricane fabric is a lightweight and economical form of storm protection. Additionally, hurricane fabric doesn't attach permanently. So you don't have to make a commitment to altering the look and feel of your home. But [...]

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Astroguard Hurricane Fabric For Your Home Owners Insurance Discount

One of the most critical factors in receiving insurance discounts for shutters is proper installation and thorough protection. Placing Astroguard hurricane fabric on all vulnerable entrances can raise your chances of a discount. After review from an inspector, property owners can potentially save up to 10% in premiums. Placing shutters on various exterior locations besides [...]

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5 Benefits of Hurricane Fabric

St. Pete and Clearwater are prone to severe storms in the summertime. It is essential for homeowners to get themselves and their homes ready. Prepare your house for potential disasters early by installing hurricane fabric. Protection from Wind speeds over 150 mph Hurricane fabric is the perfect solution for homes in St. Pete, Clearwater, and [...]

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