Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Season: Prepare and Protect Your Home Beforehand

Whether you have purchased your Florida dream home or one that needs some work to become the home of your dreams, hurricane preparation should be one of your primary considerations. Assessing your present home for hurricane readiness is important and you may want to consider working with professionals.   Timing is Everything Florida’s hurricane season [...]

Hurricane Proof Windows And Their Top Advantages

Why You Need Hurricane Proof Windows When it comes to living in the sunshine state, residents come to quickly understand that nothing is more unpredictable than the weather. As a consequence, it's in your best interest and your home's best interest to acquire hurricane-proof windows. Westshore Construction has over 30 years of experience installing storm [...]

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Are Hurricane Windows Worth It?

Protecting your home or commercial property can mean investing in lots of renovations and repairs in preparation for storms in Sarasota. However, homeowners can avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of potential damage merely by upgrading to hurricane windows. Throughout the years, injury and property damage from glass has become a significant issue. Hurricane-prone states like [...]

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Impact Windows vs. Other Hurricane-Proofing Methods

Hurricane season is not the right time to experiment with new ways to protect your Sarasota home. Impact windows are a trusted method of protection all over areas that are at high risk for storm damage. Skip the myths and go right to the tested products to keep your house and family safe. Impact Windows [...]

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Are The Cost Of Hurricane Windows Worth It?

The cost of hurricane windows should never deter property owners from adequately investing in the safety of their building. While you may be expecting prices to be a dozen times higher, hurricane glass is sometimes only four times as much. When you consider the damage a storm can cause, the advantages quickly begin to pile [...]

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