Storm shutters are a superb option for homes in Tampa. Here are four essential questions to ask yourself about this functional form of hurricane protection that can help you choose the best option for your home.

1: What Storm Shutters Match Your Style?

You have a few choices when it comes to the design of your storm shutters.  From roll down to Bahama-style, there is a shade to match the style of any Tampa Home. Colonial and Bahama-style are two of the most popular options. While these hurricane panels provide durable protection against projectiles and rough elements, they also boost the aesthetic of your home.

Bahama shades mount to the top of a windowpane and hinge up. This design goes well with waterfront homes as well as those desiring an Island or Caribbean feel.

Colonial blinds offer a more classic feeling. These frames mount to the sides of windows and hinge out, offering a clear view outside.

2: What Colors Options Do You Have?

Just because storm shutters are made of metal does not mean they have to be grey. Depending on your chosen design, you have a number of color options to ensure your functional blinds pair well with the color scheme of your home.

West Shore provides Bahama and Colonial blinds in a wide variety of colors, ranging from standards like beige to custom shades of orange and purple. Tampa homeowners with Caribbean themes tend to select bright tropical hues such as seafoam and coral. Those who enjoy a classic façade stick to beige, black, and darker colors to pull their home’s exterior together.

3:  What Makes the Material Hurricane-Rated?

Hurricane-rated storm shutters go through vigorous testing to guarantee your safety. When you make this purchase, you are putting the safety of your home and family in the hands of the manufacturers and installers of your shades, meaning quality materials and high standards are essential.

If you want to purchase hurricane-rated panels, look for these qualities:

  • The contractor installing your shades is licensed and insured
  • The shades are NOA or Florida Product Approval
  • Your blinds meet or exceed local codes.

Hurricane window panels should put you at ease and focus on your family. With the right blinds installed by the right people, you can achieve this peace of mind.

4: Will These Shades Fit Your Tampa Home’s Windows?

One of the essentials of selecting the right storm shutters for your Tampa home is ensuring you measure your windows and specify sizes. Some companies manufacture frames in standard sizes, meaning they might not fit right on your home. Proper size matters when it is time to use your shades as a barricade against the weather. Go with a manufacturer offering custom sizes to guarantee a proper fit.

West Shore Construction

For over 30 years, West Shore Construction has been a top contractor in Tampa. We focus on quality workmanship and pride ourselves on good customer service and satisfaction. Our storm products are Florida building code approved and welded to ensure strength and durability. For more information on severe weather protection, visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.