Hurricanes are an inevitable part of life in Florida but, with climate change increasing their frequency, it’s more important than ever to update yourself with the latest information. To stay protected, you’ll need to plan ahead, set up contingencies, and equip yourself before the winds pick up.


Knowing exactly how to react when the time comes is important for saving lives and minimizing risks.

  • A family disaster plan can include emergency numbers, as well as any nearby shelters.
  • You should know exactly which routes to take in order to evacuate safely. Some roads are highlighted especially as they present less risk to the traveler.
  • It’s important to brush up on your knowledge of hurricanes themselves, as your strategy may differ depending on the type.


Preparation of provisions and household barricades are important for keeping you and your family safe in the event of strong winds.

  • If you’re in a hurricane risk area, it’s worth repairing damage to windows to minimize the risk of them breaking and the threat of glass shards. Or even put up hurricane exterior shutters to protect the window before it is damaged. Look for well-reviewed contractors like West Shore Construction on Google, Yelp, & Angi, and then start getting quotes.
  • Both your home and car should be stocked with emergency supplies. These should include food, water, and medical supplies.
  • You should always have crucial items separate on hand or close to the bed, such as flashlights, essential documents (passports, ID, medical information), and cash.


The best way to protect yourself from a hurricane is to assume its inevitability. Make sure you’ve taken precautions well ahead of time.

  • Set up alerts so that you’ll be warned ahead of time if one is coming. This can be done via your phone, many have the in-built capability or you can download an app.
  • A backup generator may seem like overkill but it can prove life-saving in the event of a hurricane.
  • You can adapt your home to better accommodate strong winds. Consult the ‘Homeowner’s Handbook To Prepare For Coastal Hazards’.

Despite their size and ferocity, hurricanes still have the ability to sneak upon us. It’s important, therefore, to put measures in place that will keep everyone safe in any eventuality.


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