Hurricanes are a common occurrence in Florida. Protecting our homes from hurricane wind and flood damage is a necessity during hurricane season. Otherwise, you’re vulnerable to a potentially severe storm, and your safety is at risk.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the consequences of storm damage with these 5 essential tips.

  1. Remove all outdoor items that could become flying debris
  2. Install hurricane shutters
  3. Trim trees
  4. Replace loose or missing shingles
  5. Flood proof your home
  1. Pick Up Outdoor Furniture

According to the NHC, category three hurricane wind speeds can get up to 129 mph. If your patio furniture, gardening tools, or other outdoor items are left out, the wind can pick them up and send them flying towards your home.

Wind speeds this high will create severe damages that can leave you vulnerable to the elements and make costly repairs when the storm is over. So during your storm preparation, ensure you’re bringing all of your outdoor items to a safe place like your garage.

  1. Hurricane Shutters Provide Durable Protection For Your Windows

Hurricane shutters are an excellent way to protect your windows from storm damage. They’re incredibly durable and have gone through an array of vigorous testing to ensure their strength.

Additionally, hurricane shutter deployment is a breeze. All it takes is one person and a moment for reliable protection.

Shutters also offer an aesthetically pleasing storm protection solution in any color you could think of. Storm protection in style? That’s not even the best part. When you install hurricane shutters, you can have year-round benefits including,

  • Insurance savings
  • Light control
  • Privacy
  • Security

Your hurricane shutters remain useful all year long. So long after hurricane season, you can reap the many benefits that shutters provide for your home.

  1. Reduce The Risk Of Storm Damage By Trimming Trees

Hurricane winds are a force not to be reckoned with. Just like your patio furniture, weak tree limbs are a recipe for disaster.

Even if you have durable hurricane shutters installed, these only offer protection for your windows. For the safety of yourself and your loved ones, the security of your car, and power lines, it’s crucial to trim trees when a hurricane is on its way.

  1. Replace Loose Or Missing Shingles To Prevent Storm Damage

Missing or loose shingles can cause leaks, which could become part of a more significant issue. Throwing a pot or bucket underneath the leak is a quick and easy fix. However, the leak can start deteriorating the surrounding shingles and damage your ceiling.

Putting off these repairs can become costly, and if you’re in the event of a storm with a weak roof, you’re taking a considerable risk. While you’re preparing for hurricane season, it’s wise to replace missing and damaged shingles to prevent storm damage and costly repairs.

  1. Flood Proof Your Home

Hurricane flooding has the potential to destroy your entire home. In the event of a flood, essential documents and memories can quite literally go down the drain. If you live in an area with high levels of flooding, floodproofing your home can help protect yourself and your family from severe storm damage. You can do this by,

  • Keeping ditches and drains clear of debris
  • Regularly cleaning downspouts and gutters
  • Looking out for grading or drainage around your home
  • Having sandbags on standby

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your safety. Having sandbags on standby and clearing gutters can help fight against the damages associated with flooding.

Keep These Five Essential Tips In Mind To Protect Your Home And Family This Hurricane Season  

Hopefully, these five tips to prevent storm damage help you out this hurricane season. If you’re looking to invest in Bahama or Colonial hurricane shutters, hurricane windows, or need help repairing some of those missing roof shingles, give our team at Westshore construction a call at 727-488-8182, or you can contact us online.