So you want to renovate your bathroom but want to have a fresh take on the whole process? Look no further than these handy tips on how to make your bathroom look incredible as well as incredibly unique. With these helpful tricks for bathroom remodeling in St. Petersburg, Florida, your restroom could soon look like the centerfold on a home and garden design magazine.

Invest In A Vintage Tub

If you’re looking to give your bathroom an eclectic and elegant look, invest in a unique tub to really transform the space. The tub is the most prominent feature in your bathroom and one that people’s eyes are often drawn to. So it makes the most sense that this feature is one where you should express your bathroom theme through.

Add a roaring 1920s flair to any bathroom by installing an ornate claw-foot tub during your bathroom remodeling in St. Petersburg, Florida. Antique stores are often great places to find elegant reclaimed tubs like these that add charm and style to your bathroom.

When In Rome, Remodel Your Bathroom

The ancient Romans were known for their lavish bathhouses that were open to members of the public to bathe in style. So why not use those grand bathing spaces as inspiration for your own bathroom remodeling St. Petersburg, FL?

Even though it can be expensive if you want to invest in a unique bathroom that’ll look beautiful, consider taking a Roman spin on the space. You can accomplish this through installing matching marble countertops, storage spaces, and floors. Having the matching features will transform your bathroom into a bathhouse-inspired space, and you’ll find yourself wanting to be treated like an emperor while you’re bathing.

Go For Gold Fixtures For Your Bathroom

You know the old saying “go for gold,” and that couldn’t be truer for your bathroom remodeling. While we’re often tempted to make everything look neutral or white in the bathroom, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. Using metallic colors and surfaces can be dynamic, and there’s no better place to do it than on your fixtures.

Replacing your taps, knobs, and handles in your bathroom with matching gold or copper metallic fixtures complements and adds a little pop of excitement to your bathroom. They work best accented against neutral or monochromatic color-schemed bathrooms.

Opt For Exciting Wallpapers

While wallpaper is usually frowned upon in living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens, it’s actually a great way to add color and character to your bathroom. Because your bathroom is such a small space, you can get away with wallpapering the whole thing without making it look outdated and garish.

Reach for uniquely patterned wallpapers to breathe new life into your space without having to add a bunch of decorations. A bunch of decorations is only going to take up valuable and limited space in your bathroom. Your wallpaper acts as a unique and exciting decoration that draws the occupant’s eye and is an easy bathroom renovation to undertake. If you’re opposed to the process of installing wallpaper, there are other ways to still include the style. For example, you could cut a piece of the wallpaper you really like and frame it. This allows you to still add the design while not entirely committing to wallpaper.

What To Keep In Mind When Bathroom Remodeling

Here are a few examples of these you should consider before planning your bathroom remodel.

  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency

You want to ensure your fixtures don’t require high maintenance. Being able to clean your bathroom efficiently will save you time and money by extending the life of the remodel. Quality faucets and quart countertops rather than marble are typically seen in low maintenance bathrooms. So keep maintenance in mind when choosing fixtures, among other things, for your bathroom remodel.

You also want to take your lighting into serious consideration. The brighter the bathroom, the larger it will look, and you can incorporate good lighting without creating just a white sterile environment we are trying to stray from. When thinking about lighting, though, also put some thought to energy efficiency. By using LED lights, you could save big time on energy costs.

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Bathroom remodeling in St. Petersburg, Florida, doesn’t have to be bland or unexciting. Take the opportunity to transform the space into one you and your guests will enjoy being in by taking liberties and trying out new remodeling ideas.

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