When you’re deciding on a form of hurricane protection for your home, it’s wise to consider which one has the best ROI ( Return on Investment ). Many homeowners will sell their homes, and you want to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for the future.

Of course, your personal preference is what matters at the end of the day. However, you could have the best of both worlds if you’re interested in a form of hurricane protection that you could essentially get your money back for. If you’re a homeowner in Pinellas County, it may come in handy to know which hurricane protection has the best ROI.

Impact Windows ROI

While in a perfect world, we would like to see 100% ROI, this just isn’t a reality. Although, impact windows are probably the closest you’re going to get. The average ROI for impact windows is about 80-86%. These durable windows beat out all other forms of protection, even hurricane shutters.

Impact Windows Become Selling Points For Potential Buyers

The highest ROI isn’t the only bragging point for impact windows. Impact windows can offer substantial insurance savings. This can become a major selling point for people looking to buy your home potentially. Other selling points could include,

  • Convenience
  • Continual protection
  • Security
  • Energy efficiency

Living in Pinellas County, buyers are typically interested in a home with hurricane protection already installed. When that hurricane protection requires no maintenance, no deployment, offers home security and enhanced insulation, it’s a done deal.

The ROI on Hurricane Shutters

Many homeowners looking for storm security wonder if hurricane shutters are a good investment. While they don’t quite reach the impact windows’ ROI, the average return on investment for these shutters is about 50%, which is still great when considering the price difference between these two products. Hurricane shutters are almost half the cost of impact windows.

These Hurricane Protection Benefits Will Engage Prospective Buyers

Despite the fact hurricane shutters won’t make an extremely significant impact on your home’s resale value, they will boost curb appeal. Bahama shutters, for example, influence an island aesthetic that is appealing to many buyers. But regardless of the style you choose, hurricane shutters can enhance your home’s exterior and attract potential buyers. Shutters will also influence a potential home buyers decision considering the,

  • Simple deployment
  • Insurance savings
  • Security
  • Privacy

The security and privacy are especially interesting. With sturdy aluminum bolted to the windows, it would be a real challenge for an unwanted visitor to get through. Now, potential buyers might be thinking about how they don’t need to purchase a security system. Plus, they know there’s substantial privacy in the home when the shutters are closed.

Contact West Shore Construction For Hurricane Protection

If you’re a homeowner in the Pinellas County area looking for hurricane protection with the best ROI, impact windows are the way to go. Hurricane shutters are coming up as a close second. You can contact us online and look through our various forms of hurricane protection or give us a call at 727-488-8182.