Is your kitchen turning into a mounting pile of clutter chaos? Do you avoid cooking or spending quality time in it because there are too many items and simply insufficient space? At Westshore Construction, we have the solution for you with our skilled craftsman ready to create custom kitchen storage spaces for the heart of your home today!

We’ve been in the kitchen remodeling industry since 1985 and have remained family-owned since the company’s birth. In other words, we offer the same meticulous care and attention to detail as we would to our own home, and our dedicated contractors know what makes a proper kitchen tick. We provide reliability, an experienced team, and product durability to create the kitchen of your dreams!

Need ideas? Read on below for some custom kitchen storage spaces we can create just for you!

Why Prioritizing Your Kitchen Matters

The kitchen is possibly the most important room in the home.

It brings people together over warm meals and is the epicenter of love, laughs, and precious memories for years to come. It’s even been shown that eating together increases the emotional, mental, and relational well-being of those in the room.

In other words, a good kitchen is a gathering place at a much deeper level than anyone may have originally thought.

Consequently, this room must exude warmth and welcome, be suited to your needs, and flows with the rest of your home. You deserve a kitchen that works with you and your current life, not against you. Furthermore, not only does an updated and custom kitchen benefit your present, but it also benefits your future, and by that, we mean your wallet. When you invest in your kitchen, you open the possibility for a 60% return on that investment if you choose to sell later. This is especially true when you put money towards custom kitchen storage spaces and other quality materials such as granite countertops or upgraded flooring. With these upgrades, you’ll be able to knock any competition right out of the water and get higher offers for your home.

If you’re going to put time and money into your kitchen, don’t you want it done so that you’ll see that investment again in the future?

Creating Space in Your Kitchen

As we grow, so do our lives, and sometimes the kitchen we started with just doesn’t cut it anymore. This means it’s time to update with custom kitchen storage spaces so it can keep pace with you rather than struggling with an outdated version. Read below for clever and effective ways we can help customize your space without necessarily having to tear down walls!

Make Use of Corners or Small Closets

This is a great way to create storage using every little nook and cranny in your kitchen, even the awkward ones. Turning small closets into custom pantries is a great way to reduce clutter in your kitchen without needing a lot of square footage. You can use short, floor-to-ceiling shelves or add storage space inside a door. Corner drawers are also perfect for deep storage in small areas as they run diagonally, creating lots of usable space.

Create Functional Vertical Spaces

Your kitchen’s usable space grows exponentially when you know where to look. For instance, the open walls of your kitchen, including open air under cabinets or the wall above your sink, are great places for extra storage. This can be done with floating shelves, freestanding wracks, a row of wire baskets, or even various racks, hooks, or slats for hanging stemware or mugs. All these storage designs offer easy access to your dishes and a stylish display for a modern yet rustic appearance.

Other clever wall-mounted storage ideas include:

  • Implementing along-the-wall floating shelves for your pantry instead of front-to-back for greater visibility
  • Install a mounted dishrack to spare your prep area and allow dishes to air dry
  • Use a magnetic knife bar as an alternative to a knife block to free up counter space

Remember, Every little bit of space counts!

Pull-Out Pantries for Custom Kitchen Storage Spaces

Pull-out pantries are another perfect solution for those seemingly useless areas of unused space. In other words, they’re a great way of making the gaps between or along the end of cabinets functional for storage. They’re an organizer’s dream for storing small items such as canned goods, spices, or even various types of root vegetables when combined with bins. If desired, they can be constructed to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your cabinetry while pulling out like any other easy-to-use drawer. This storage solution saves space, organizes your items, and benefits your wallet by showing you what you have so you don’t end up with three of the same type of pepper grinds!

Have A Mobile Island 

Mobile islands are fantastic for small kitchens that leave room to be desired and are a great alternative to wooden shelves. They provide prep space and storage while being able to move where you need them, so they’re never in your way. Additionally, underneath these, you can hide away pots, pans, small appliances, and more.

Make them extra useful by installing island drawers on both sides for even more storage and style!

Customize Your Cabinetry and Drawers with Built-In Organizers

When you implement store-bought organizers, they never fit quite right, usually sliding around your cabinet or drawer. However, when you have them customized and built-in, they fit perfectly, making every single square footage of space both usable and functional.

Examples of such custom organizers include:

  • A smaller lazy susan to fit snugly within a cabinet
  • A peg board drawer with a changeable peg system that can store almost anything
  • Utensil organizer to keep silverware from mixing together

Install Slide-Out Drawers and Shelves

Ever lose items to the graveyard that is the way back of your cabinet? Or maybe you avoid storing anything in that back area for this very reason, and as a result, it sits unused. Slide-out drawers and shelves make these dark reach areas functional once again for a more convenient and easier-to-use kitchen.

You can even take it a step further by having them installed above shelving to maximize space and upgrade a cabinet from 2 shelves to 4! With slide-out drawers and shelves, you can finally reach items in the back without digging and knocking things over. Simply pull out the drawer and take what you need!

Other effective and unique storage ideas using slide-out drawers and shelves include:

  • Large cookware organization: install a vertical divider with your slide-out drawer to prop lids on their sides and store pans/large items sideways
  • Pullout trash can: hide your trash and free up floor space

Other Ideas for Custom Kitchen Storage Spaces

There are so many areas that can become amazing space-saving storage spots with the right custom built-ins. You just have to know where to look and have reliable contractors like those a Westshore Construction create the amazing built-ins for you!

For instance, take advantage of the room under your sink with a custom sliding organizer to store cleaning supplies and more for easy-to-use and see the storage. No more blindly searching in the dark for that extra sponge!

Make it possible for loved ones to be with you while you cook a delicious feast by implementing swing stools around an island or in front of a counter. This is a great way to maintain a modern and sleek design while also creating temporary seating space.

Tired of bulky appliances covering your beautiful counters? Have us install an appliance garage so you can tuck away and hide all your large devices to keep your prep space clutter-free!

Call Us Today for Your Custom Kitchen Storage Spaces!

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We don’t waste your time either. In other words, there’ll be no shifting deadlines but instead a real and genuine timeline that we take very seriously. You can guarantee professionalism and great attention to detail, as we know the importance of a functioning home.

Being family-owned, we also know the significance of a kitchen as the warm center hub for your family and loved ones. So, you can rest easy knowing a certain level of care will be put into creating a personalized space you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.

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