If your home was built before 1978, you may be at risk for having lead-based paint somewhere in your home. Often it goes unnoticed, hidden underneath newer coats of paint. Unfortunately, the chalky dust from the deteriorating paint or home improvement projects is toxic to both humans and animals. In order to safely remove it, a Lead Safe Certified Firm must come in to test and eliminate all lead paint from your home.

“The only way to prevent your home from becoming contaminated is to hire a lead-safe certified contractor,”.  “When removing any kind of paint, dust can get on virtually any surface. Normally that’s not a problem because we can clean it up right after. But if proper precautions aren’t taken, toxic dust can become airborne and pose a health threat to everyone in the vicinity.”

Dangers of Lead Paint

Metallic paint that is in good shape isn’t a high health risk. When a home is being repainted, your walls must first be prepped. Sanding, scraping, and heating the paint to remove it causes tiny dust particles to flake off. This dust contains lead from the paint and lands on every surface surrounding the area. If any of the poison is absorbed into the body it can cause serious health damage.

Health Problems from Lead Exposure:

  • Brain Damage
  • Slowed Growth in Children
  • Anemia
  • Problems with the Nervous System
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Kidney Function
  • Reproductive Problems

Why Use a Lead Safe Certified Firm?

The EPA requires that contractors must have EPA-approved training to become a lead-safe certified company, . Disturbing lead-based paint is a risky task and should be left to the professionals.

To eliminate the risk of being exposed to lead it’s important to hire a Lead Safe Certified Firm. These certified firms have been trained on how to properly eliminate the toxic coating and are equipped with the proper tools to handle the job. Certified contractors will quarantine the area to ensure that no other rooms are contaminated.

Only certified firms are allowed to work with lead paint. The EPA practices and regulations keep any toxic particles from contaminating a home and putting people at risk for lead poisoning. If you believe that your home has lead paint in it give Scott Keathley, VP of West Shore Construction today: 727-488-8182. You can even fill the contact form here and we will reach out to you quickly.