From lawn care and housekeeping to changing air filters, there are many parts that go into keeping your house in tiptop shape in Clearwater. By hiring a company to handle your home maintenance services, you can guarantee a stress-free job that is done by experienced professionals.

1. Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Clearwater House

When you have people working in and around your living space, you want to make sure these are individuals you can trust. Hiring a housekeeper should relieve stress, not cause more because you worry about your security. With a company like West Shore Construction, you can guarantee that the people carrying out your home maintenance services are screened and background checked before they step foot on your property.

2. They Offer Custom Packages Based on Your Needs

No two lifestyles are the same. In Clearwater, people need house management that meets their specific needs. While some people are looking for assistance to keep their living space dust-free and tidy, others also need help putting together a birthday party. Typical home maintenance services include:

  • Lawn care
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Event planning
  • Security

No matter your wants or requirements, a consultant can find businesses and individuals to handle your house care. In addition, as a licensed and insured contractor, West Shore Construction provides concierge home improvement services completed by our own employees.

3. You Will Have a Consultant for Larger Projects

West Shore Construction goes above and beyond to cover all home maintenance services for residents of Clearwater. For remodeling and construction projects, companies like West Shore can help:

  • Produce estimates
  • Ensure proper bidding specifications
  • Review contracts
  • Verify contractors

With the assistance of a construction consultant, your project is completed for a fair price by knowledgeable professionals that are licensed, insured, and also background checked.

Trust West Shore Construction for your Home Maintenance Services

At West Shore Construction, we offer more than painting and kitchen remodeling. We work as a consultant with residents of Clearwater to help find the right people to keep up with routine house care. We use our experience and knowledge of local businesses to find the ones that meet your needs. Our focus is on both customer care and satisfaction. When you trust us as an adviser for the requirements of your house, you can guarantee quality work and trusted companies. To find out how we can help you, find us online or call us at (727) 488-8182. Even Check Us out on Facebook