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For bathroom remodeling, we’re eager to help with everything else, offering creative ideas for storage, surface-level updates, design plans, and more. From pointers influenced by the minimalist lifestyle to simple updates that will keep the room clean, your bathroom needs solid remodeling ideas to keep its appearance.

Keep reading to learn more about different design aspects that can be implemented in what should be the most peaceful room in the house, your bathroom!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Modern Oasis

A proper bathroom should feel almost like a spa getaway. At the end of the day, this is crucial to de-stress and altogether allows you to enjoy and embrace other aspects of your life more effectively.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas With A Tub!

If you have a shower-bathtub combo, separating them and installing a soothing freestanding soaking or lounge tub is a great way to add some elegant symmetry and a modern aesthetic to your bathing space. Consider including powerful water jets to help you remove stress and provide much-needed muscular therapy.

Select an oval tub with a rectangular design or smooth slopes to play up the architecture in the room and an almost sculptural element. Having a freestanding tub is also a great way to create a focal point in a medium to large space, especially if you place it in the middle, making it a centerpiece in your personal oasis.

In addition, if you’re looking to save some dollars, be sure to choose a model with fixtures that line up along your current plumbing. This is usually at the end of the tub or along the side.

Incorporating Bells And Whistles In Your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you’re going for the concept of a spa-like oasis, you can’t forget some of the best self-pampering necessities. Though adding these functions can be expensive, they’re something that will pay off in the long run, especially if you ever choose to sell your home.

Some of these luxuries include:

  • Heated floors for toasty feet after a long shower
  • 2-person rain showerhead
  • Installing a hand shower with an added steam function
  • Adding a shallow nook between 2 showerheads for storage

You can even implement a cushioned seating area next to your vanity or tub for a truly elegant design.

Replace Or Refinish Fixtures and Hardware

Changing the ambiance in your bathroom or giving it a fresh look doesn’t always have to mean major renovations. You can stick to the simple things like refinishing a tub versus replacing it or installing new fixtures for a sleek new aesthetic.

Toilets, Tubs, and Showers

Instead of replacing your tub, try relining or refinishing it to save on costs. This is good if it shows a yellowing surface, cracks, or any major nicks. However, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to replace the tub entirely. Try installing a new soaking, resource-efficient tub to update your bathroom while also helping the environment.

The same goes for your shower as it does a tub. In other words, replacing your shower is possibly the most expensive project, but it’s also the most high-impact upgrade. Meaning a nice, preferably walk-in shower is highly sought after, and if you ever choose to sell will make your money back in the future.

Sinks and Vanities

Addressing your sinks or vanities in the bathroom is a great opportunity to make them a part of your new bathroom design. There are beautiful vessel sinks in a variety of colors and materials that can rest on top of your vanity counter, free-standing pedestal sinks for a minimalist aesthetic, and more!

Updating your vanity really is a perfect way of tying the room together, and added lighting can brighten up a room entirely.


Installing new drawer, vanity, or cabinet hardware is a very easy, simple, and cost-effective way of giving your bathroom a fresh new look with bold metals. For instance, replacing your well-used sink faucet beautifies a space without having to replace the whole vanity.

Be sure that cut-outs and screw alignments match with existing holes, whether on cabinets, drawers, or your sink. This ensures new holes don’t have to be drilled when installing your freshly bought hardware.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Expand Your Space

Making a space appear or feel larger than it is can be easy or more complex, depending on how your bathroom currently stands and how extensively you want to change it. Read on below for the different ways you can remodel your bathroom for an open and airy aesthetic.

Walls, Ceilings, and Windows

One of the quickest ways to make a small space feel large is by strategically removing or replacing walls with twin columns and installing windows, preferably a skylight for maximum effect. Allowing more light into a room automatically brightens up a space and makes it feel more open. If possible, raising your bathroom ceiling also helps to visually expand your bathroom.

Create a Wet Room

A wet room simply means that your shower is on the same level as the rest of your bathroom with a completely waterproof floor. This helps to make the most out of your washroom footprint by negating the use of walls and is one of the most hygienic types of bathrooms. It also works to disperse light effectively and evenly within the space by decreasing any shadowing effects.

In addition, with a lack of unnecessary steps or corners, it creates a room that looks out for all ages and removes barriers or tripping hazards that could result in serious injuries.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Increase Storage

Implement Cabinetry and Vanities

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you can multiply the amount of storage space available to you by installing upright cabinets. This clears up floor room and can work as a linen closet, storing your towels and toiletries. You can even customize these cabinets with a warming drawer to keep your linens nice and toasty.

Another great way to take advantage of all your usable space is by installing a proper vanity with drawers or open shelving beneath the sink.

Show Your Creativity!

It’s The Little Things

You don’t always have to implement major changes or alterations in your bathroom to accomplish a certain design dream. For instance, if you’re looking for a spa-like aesthetic adding a simple but beautiful chandelier centralized in the room or soft flowing drapery around your tub can create an ambiance of luxury.

You can also add a wow factor by installing a feature wall, whether inside your shower or behind your tub, using bold colors for a unique touch. If you want a more sophisticated feel then consider updating your bathroom with geometric flooring, using juxtaposed black-and-white patterns with splashes of color elsewhere within the room.

You can even add warmth to a contemporary space by simply adding different colored furnishings. For example, a makeup table made of cherry wood is a great way to add some coziness to a pale palette.

Mixed Media

Adding texture and mixing different types of materials in your bathroom can create a truly unique and beautiful space. This means using altering types of media, such as marble, wood, sheepskin, or metals, gives the eye something special to look at and has a luxurious or refined effect.

For instance, opting for textured concrete but brightening it up with a teal tile floor and a warm cherry wood vanity creates a space that’s exquisitely divine while also being interesting to look at. You can do the same with a herringbone-patterned floor to create extra movement in the room and another unique touch.

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Author: Ariana Borges