St. Pete and Clearwater are prone to severe storms in the summertime. It is essential for homeowners to get themselves and their homes ready. Prepare your house for potential disasters early by installing hurricane fabric.

Protection from Wind speeds over 150 mph

Hurricane fabric is the perfect solution for homes in St. Pete, Clearwater, and many other cities. West Shore Construction uses a material that withstands category five wind speeds which can be over 150 mph. Winds this extreme often pick up debris, trash, and even patio furniture, turning these objects into dangerous projectiles.

Without protection, these projectiles pose a serious risk of breaking your windows and leaving the inside of your house vulnerable to damaging storms. Hurricane fabric absorbs the impact of projectiles, keeping your windows, and more importantly your family, safe.

Hurricane Fabric is Easy to Use

West Shore construction handles the installation of hurricane protection for homes in Clearwater and St. Pete. Just book an appointment before the storms roll in and spend your time preparing your family and the inside of your home while West Shore handles the work.

If you prefer to handle the installation yourself, West Shore cuts custom pieces to fit your spaces. All you need to do is measure your space, place an order, and follow the simple installation instructions tat we provide once your panels arrive. If you plan to deploy yourself, you won’t find yourself having a hard time. Hurricane fabric is extremely lightweight and the only tool you will need to complete the job is a screwdriver.

Great for Large Outdoor Spaces in Clearwater and St. Pete

Hurricane fabric is not just for windows. Nearly any outdoor space can be protected with durable panels custom cut for clients. From patios and lanais to garage doors, you contain most areas. While others might scramble to store their outdoor furniture in a hurricane, yours will be safe behind the protection of a durable shield.

Storage is Simple after the Storm

Unlike bulky plywood, hurricane fabric is easy to store once the weather clears. Just remove the panels, fold them up, and store them wherever convenient in your home, garage, or other storage space. With West Shore Construction, your panels come with bags to make storage even simpler.

Hurricane Fabric Impact Testing 

The misconception that plywood is a viable option for hurricane protection leaves many homes vulnerable. Hurricane fabric, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable. Having gone through extensive impact testing, it’s sure to last through the storm. The material works similarly to a trampoline by absorbing impact and “bouncing” it back out. Your fabric remains intact, and you and your home are secure from the storm.

West Shore Construction

For simple storm solutions, contact West Shore Construction. With over 30 years of experience, we can handle nearly any job in St. Pete and Clearwater. If the fabric is not your style, we also offer shutters and windows to put your mind at ease. We strive to put our clients’ comfort and safety first.

In addition to weather protection, we offer services such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and green building. Our business is known for quality workmanship as well as careful attention to customer service and satisfaction. Our years of experience have given us the experience, knowledge, and skills to make your dreams come true. To learn more about what we can do for your home, visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.