Accordion shutters offer your home and family durable protection in the midst of a hurricane. They’re easy to use, and the maintenance process consists of just four easy steps. So you won’t have to break the bank or take much time out of your schedule to keep these hurricane shutters in great condition.

4 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Accordion Shutters

Regardless if your shutters are in use, it’s still important to practice proper maintenance habits. Four easy steps to maintain your shutters include,

  1. Cleaning the tracks of any dirt or debris
  2. Washing shutters thoroughly with soap and water 
  3. Lubricating the tracks at least twice a year 
  4. Operate your shutters once a month

If you want to enjoy your accordion shutters for their fully intended lifespan, maintenance is necessary. Without consistent maintenance habits, shutters may become harder to open and close and begin to look unsightly.

Most importantly though, it’s essential you can rely on your shutters in the case of a hurricane. You’re vulnerable to the elements if shutters won’t close properly because of blocked tracks or other issues.

Step 1. Clean The Tracks

Accordion Shutter Maintenance | West Shore Construction

 To clean the tracks of your shutters you want to grab a bucket and fill it with warm water and mild soap. Then you can use any kind of rag or soft brush to wipe along the tracks removing any build-up of dirt, insects, or other debris that could block the shutter from opening and closing smoothly.

Step 2. Wash Accordion Shutters With Soap And Water

Using the same warm soapy water, and brush, wash your shutters in the open and folded positions, to ensure you’re removing all dirt. Be mindful of using harsh soaps or rough brushes. Otherwise, you can damage your accordion shutters.

Step 3. Lubricate The Tracks Of Your Accordion Shutters Twice A Year

This is a crucial step in the accordion maintenance process. The air is very moist and salty in Florida. Without proper lubrication, your shutters can resist closing and opening and may start to squeak.

Permatex Suberlube is a clear silicone spray lubricant that works great for aluminum shutters. Stay away from any oily lubricants like WD-40. These oily lubricants can actually trap salt and moisture and speed up the rust and corrosion process.

You can find a lubricant for your shutters at any local hardware store.

Step 4. Operate Accordion Shutters Once A Month

Operating your shutters once a month keeps things running smoothly. But this is also a good opportunity to inspect them. Observe your shutters and look for any broken or damaged parts. If you notice debris in the tracks this can also be removed.

This way, you can ensure your shutters are in good condition and will keep you and your family safe during a storm.

What Are The Different Types Of Shutters?

Aside from accordion shutters, we also offer Bahama and colonial-style shutters and roll-down shutters for easy deployment. Similarly, to accordion shutters, our other aluminum shutters are permanently installed. You won’t have to take them down and find storage space when the storm is over.

Bahama And Colonial Shutters

Bahama shutters attach to the top and bottom of your window to influence an island-style, whereas colonial shutters promote the look of a classic colonial estate and hinge to the sides of your windows.

You can get really creative with these shutters as well. Pick from a plethora of colors to perfectly match the already existing color palette of your home.

Roll Down Shutters

If you want a hurricane protection option that’s discrete, and deploys with the touch of a button, roll-down shutters may fit your needs best. You can roll down the shutters and then just roll them right back up once the storm is over. The maintenance for these is as easy as one, two, three!

Caring For Your Bahama And Colonial Shutters

The maintenance process for cleaning your Bahama and colonial shutters is just like the process for accordion shutters. Wash with a mild soap, soft brush, and warm water every couple of months to extend the lifespan of your shutters and keep them looking brand new.

Lubrication and consistent operation are also wise habits that will benefit your shutters.

Keep Accordion Shutters Looking Brand New With Advanced Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating your shutters offers a high-quality appearance that’s hard to obtain with just paint. Not to mention a powder coat will improve the durability of your shutters and has a reduced environmental impact.

It’s notoriously challenging to powder coat shutters because of the leading edges and small surface areas. However, with our shutter manufacturers’ new in-house capabilities, they’ve perfected the process.

Now our customers can enjoy shutters with a high-quality finish, increased durability, and create less of a negative impact on the environment.

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